Kevin Matthews

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Kevin Matthew's "Mary's Roadie"
6000 plus walked and prayed with God in Chicago. Kevin Matthew's and "Our Lady of The Broken" From a Dumpster to a bed of Roses.
Kevin Matthew's Follow Up Book - Coming in Spring of 2024.
The Statue of Broken Mary (Our Lady of The Broken)
Kevin Matthew's - How God Lead Kevin to A Dumpster in 2011 and the story continues in 2024.
Thousands have gathered to hear Kevin Matthews & The Statue of Our Lady of The Broken
So many coming to God through the Blessed Mother. Our Lady of The Broken and the story - Kevin Matthews Author Speaker
Kevin Matthew's A Radio Icon in Chicago, 10 million heard him weekly, will enter the Radio Hall of Fame in 2024.

Travels from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Kevin Matthew’s journey begins when God leads Kevin to a filthy garbage dumpster. It is here at this dumpster that Kevin discovers a broken statue of the Virgin Mary. What happens next is a true miracle. Not only will your audience hear Kevin speak about rescuing this statue, but you will also hear Kevin speak of how God rescued him. "We all are broken, but we are loved by God"  Kevin Matthews.

Kevin Matthew's Journey of Hope is deeply moving and inspiring; Kevin’s message needs to be heard today, especially by those who have left the Catholic faith, those who feel abandoned and broken. As Kevin has said, “We all are broken, but we are loved by God”How does Kevin Matthew’s story begin? It begins by God, leading Kevin to a filthy dumpster in 2011.  

Not only did Kevin Matthew's find God at this dumpster, changing his life forever, but he also found a statue of the Virgin Mary, lying on the ground next to the dumpster. Kevin's rescue of this statue is simply miraculous to hear.

In the past decade, thousands have gathered, hearing Kevin speak of his love for God, Jesus and Our Blessed Mother Mary. Kevin Matthew's Rosary Recitals are heard around the world. Since finding the statue, so many miracles have occurred. Kevin Matthew's Rosary Recitals are heard throughout the world. In fact, so much has happened since finding God at that dumpster, a second book is coming with Kevin's publishing partner; Matthew Kelly.

Kevin Matthew’s continues to travel throughout America with the blessed statue. Hearing Kevin speak of his deep love of God, the Catholic Church, the Holy Sacraments, is a much needed message today.

"This is the only time I have been at a parish mission where the speaker, Kevin Matthew's received a standing ovation at the end of his spiritual presentation. I personally was moved, inspired and drawn closer to our Blessed Virgin. I would highly recommend Kevin to other churches to share his journey with your congregation. Parishioners are still talking about his presentation one week later" Fr. Marty, April 2023.

"Kevin Matthew's beautiful presentation of brokenness and healing touched our parishioners in a unique way. His love for God and the Blessed Virgin Mary is contagious. We laughed and cried all within the same hour He encouraged us to have hope despite the difficult times we are living in" Pam - Parish Life Coordinator, St. Thomas Parish. 2022.

Kevin Matthew's has proven that he can speak, after all Kevin is a three time Radio Hall of Fame Nominee, speaking to more than 10 million listerners weekly.  Book more than just a speaker, book Kevin Matthew's and hear his Journey of Hope"

"We all are broken, but we are loved by God" is a remarkable statement, especially coming from a guy who calls himself; "Mary's Roadie" - Kevin Matthews 2024. 




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