Kevin Dunn

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Kevin Dunn Catholic Speaker Film / Movies Host / Emcee Pro-Life Speaker

Travels from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Are you ready to become a prophet of hope?  

Kevin Dunn's films and talks on the dignity of the human person have touched the hearts and minds of thousands around the world.  As a speaker, he has been welcomed by dioceses in the United States, Australia, Europe and Canada. As a musician, filmmaker and father of six, Kevin continues to engage and entertain audiences wherever he travels. Most recently, he’s been praised by ethicists and the medical profession for exposing the ethical landslide surrounding assisted dying laws with his films Fatal Flaws: Legazing Assisted Death and The Euthanasia Deception. This, along with his work producing and hosting the annual National March for Life (Canada) and many productions in the Holy Land,  give Kevin a unique and current perspective on faith, life and family issues. 

A three-time Gemini Award (Canada’s version of the Emmys) nominee, Kevin Dunn has had an exceptional 30 year career as a broadcaster, producer, TV host, guest speaker and musical performer. His credits include more than 1,000 hours of both live and pre-produced television from a variety of genres including variety, pop culture, science, history, social justice, religious and children’s programming. His work has been seen on Networks such as Discovery Channel, History Channel UK, ARTE France & Germany, CBC, CTV, Global TV, EWTN and Salt & LIght TV.  His films have been translated into multiple languages for broadcasters in Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Japan and Russia. 

For the past 15 years, Kevin’s focus has shifted to producing films on some of the most important social justice issues of our time: the erosion of family; abortion and euthanasia. He has been reconigzed by a number of international film festivals, Cardinals and Bishops, Knights of Columbus, CWL and many international pro-life organizations.  His content is always life-affirming, challenging but hopeful! 

As a master of ceremonies and moderator, Kevin has hosted a number of Marian Eucharistic Congresses, faith and family forums. Kevin is a seasoned vocatlist and guitarist who is often called upon to provide music for masses, praise and worship evenings and family events. Kevin’s ability to engage audiences comes from many years as an on-air personality.  He has worn the hat of late-night TV host, puppeteer for a children’s series, interviewer and master of ceremonies. 

"The call is to become 'prophets of hope' in our time.  To be the reason for someone's tomorrow."  This is the core of Dunn's ministry and mission.  

"Prophets of Hope" Talks:

"Living, Dying and the Power of Presence" - As a broadcaster, filmmaker and entertainer, I have had the honour of bringing some remarkable stories to the screen. I’ve interviewed multi-millionaires, dreamers, scientists, whiz-kids and rock-stars. But nothing could prepare me for the jaw-dropping stories from my most recent films.  They come from the front lines of a culture war that is raging in our parliaments, hospitals, schools and homes. An ideology that says some lives are worth living and some are not.  New laws (or lack thereof) suggest ‘open season’ on the vulnerable - the unborn, the sick, the disabled and the marginalized.  The very lives we as a society have sought to protect since the dawn of civilization.  Living, Dying and the Power of Presence includes my own personal journey as husband and father of six, along with stories and video clips from my recent films: "Fatal Flaws:Legalizing Assisted Death", "Vulnerable: The Euthanasia Deception" and the "National March for Life" . The talk is life-affirming, hopeful, heart-warming and challenging! 

"Prophets of Hope in a Physically Distanced World" (with optional questions and activities) - These days of 'physical' distancing shouldn’t keep us from reaching out to those that need us most.  In fact, using today’s technology, we can reach out like never before!  However, families must strike a healthy balance between FaceTime on phones — and REAL ‘face’ time at home.  Kevin’s talk focuses on becoming a ‘prophet of hope’ in the lives of those around us, employing the 'power of presence’ as the greatest gift we can give each other in these troubled days. Whether online or in person, let’s make LOVE be the centre of all we do, cherishing each moment that we have been given!

"Children: The Ultimate Gift" (with optional questions and family activiities) - “The future of humanity passes by way of the family.” - St. John Paul II. Children are indeed a blessing from our Lord, and a gift to the family at every stage: from conception through adulthood. Through the use of music, puppets and Kevin’s powerful testimony as a father of six, this talk underscores the unique gift of children to each member of the family unit. God has a plan and purpose for each of us, no matter our age or ability!  Children need not be adults to impact our church and the world... they already do by their very presence! Welcomed into the church through Holy Baptism and fed with the Eucharist at Holy Communion, our children receive unique gifts from the Holy Spirit at Confirmation. The Sacramental life of a child paves the way for each to become a witness to Christ, a gift to the village and a prophet of hope to the world. Never forget the power of your child’s presence at Mass!


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