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Kenneth Cramer Catholic Speaker
Kenneth Cramer

Travels from Scottsdale, Arizona

The Latin phrase Ad Astra Per Aspera (to the stars through adversity) perfectly explains Kenn’s dedication to helping Catholics work though life's struggles and transitions in order to discover God's abiding presence and unfathomable love. Abused as a child, Kenn sank into drug addiction and a life of sin, ultimately facing a life-or-death decision. Following a profound experience of God’s grace, he worked his way out of despondency and discovered the truth that he is deeply loved by our Father in heaven.

In 2009 he created Denver's foremost Catholic Psychotherapy center, St. Raphel Counseling. In 2015, he and his wife Laura, left the success they had created and answered a call to serve as missionaries on the Ft. Belknap Indian Reservation in north central Montana, where he helped others become aware of God's Love in their lives and helped run three Catholic parishes. And now the Lord has lead him to where Kenn describes "as his ultimate life prupose", teaching Theology at a Catholic high school in Phoenix, Arizona. Helping form the young minds of our youth by sharing his love of God.

Kenn holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. Two years after college, Kenn discerned a call to the priesthood and spent one year at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver, CO. After his time at seminary, he completed a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Regis Jesuit University and founded a Catholic psychotherapy practice called St. Raphael Counseling, which he led for seven years. Lastly, he completed his second master’s degree in theology through the Augustine Institute. 

Kenn has been speaking publicly since 2006, beginning in parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Denver. Later, he was asked to lead retreats and give talks all across the nation. Most notably, he was featured on the EWTN program “The Journey Home” and in the video series “One Billion Stories.” He continues to teach and give witness to groups across the country. 

Suggested Presentation Topics:

Becoming a Better Christian: The Psychology of Holiness

When reading the lives of the saints, do you ever think, "There's no way I could do that”? Do you ever wonder what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God? In this presentation, Kenn shows the pyscho-spiritual link between striving for sainthood and living in the image and likeness of God. We really can become saints!

Everyone's Destiny: Unity

Did you know that scripture talks about unity within the body of Christ 66 times? Did you know that the whole purpose of life is Unity? In this talk Kenn speaks to the spiritual reality that the God's purpose for humanity is unification;  a difficult task for sure. Kenn gives individuals and communities concrete ideas on how to grown in unity with each other and God by the power of forgiveness and bearing with each other's faults. If you want to grow as a Catholic and grow closer to your Catholic community this is the talk for you!

I Was a Teenage Anarchist:  Finding Revolution in Christ

During his adolescence, Kenn found himself in a world of darkness filled with sex, drugs, and extreme leftist ideals, which led him to desperate acts of cutting and attempted suicide.  Living in an environment of political resistance and activism, Kenn was told that revolution was the only way to change the world.  In the end, he found that the only revolution needed was the radical imitation of Christ. 

Perfected in Weakness

St. Paul records Christ’s revelation that His power is perfected in weakness (2 Cor 12: 9-10).  Kenn teaches how being more transparent and revealing our weaknesses to family, friends, and faith communities will create deeper, more intimate, and lasting relationships with each other and with God.  Discover how our psychology suppports our faith and leads to a richer, fuller life.

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