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Kendra Von Esh

Kendra Von Esh

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Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker

Travels from Chicago, Illinois

I Don't Need God ... Or Do I? Kendra Von Esh was a Corporate Executive who had it all—high powered job, prestige, fantastic family, friends and social life. She devoured all the pleasures this world had to offer but nothing satisfied her desire for 'something more' and her life filled with stress, anxiety and worry continued as the norm. Kendra didn’t think about God much and didn't really need Him. She was 'living the dream' and bought into what this culture told her was success and happiness. But when she decided to "cleanse" her body, she realized that she was sorely lacking in the "spirituality" department. She thought about going back to the Catholic Church but was conflicted because she didn’t know much about the faith, even though she was confirmed Catholic. She wasn’t going to church AT ALL, didn’t agree with most of its teachings, and certainly wasn’t ready to change her lifestyle! Scared to death and all alone she stepped foot into the Church on Easter of 2013 and what she found changed her life forever…

Kendra finally found that "something more" she was looking for and her faith completely transformed her life! Kendra left her Executive career in Corporate America to inspire others to deepen their relationship with God as a Catholic Speaker, TV News Anchor and Author. In her Amazon Best Seller, "Am I Catholic?" A Struggle with Faith, Humility and Surrendering to God - Kendra's easy to read book recounts the struggles, triumphs and “God-incidences” that paved her way from the back pew to a state of grace, peace, and joy that can ONLY come from the Catholic Church and a personal relationship with God. She has a passion for sharing her transformation journey and the true joy she found in God with everyone she meets. Kendra has spoken on stages all over the world, both large and small, as a Corporate Executive and Faith-Based Leader. She is a witty and energizing Speaker who relates to, empowers and inspires her audience to take action toward their true potential and live the sweet life God intended. Your audiences will be entertained and leave changed!

Have No Fear Meeting Planners and Conference Coordinators - Kendra is Risk-Free! As an Executive for decades, Kendra has years of experience on global stages as a Speaker, Panelist, Facilitator and Emcee. Kendra is an entertainer by nature, her humorous and down-to-earth style sprinkled with her raw vulnerability makes it impossible not to connect fast. She is passionate about building spiritual communities and drives home the fact that we are not alone on the journey and we need each other along the way. Her talks quickly become a coffee catch-up with a few hundred of her dearest friends. Kendra is the TV News Anchor for Shalom World and was the testimonial speaker at Relevant Radio's Lenten Luncheon in Chicago and a regular guest on Morning Air with John Harper, A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas, The Patrick McCormack Show and The Dan Cheely Show. She has been featured by Shalom World Media, FOX, ABC, NBC, Catholic Stand, Breadbox Media, Young Catholics Respond, Catholic Vitamins and Catholic Marketing Network. On the business front - Legatus Chapters, Young Catholic Professionals and i.c. stars have sought her out to help bridge the gap between faith and the working world. Kendra has been a Keynote Speaker at many major conferences, parishes and a leader of retreats for women's groups and entrepreneur associations. Kendra developed keynotes, retreats and workshops to deepen your prayer life and to help you evangelize outside your parish. Kendra also developed a digital prayer program to help you deepen your relationship with God and the Faith. Kendra customizes her keynotes to YOUR themes and YOUR audience. She speaks to business leaders, women's groups, universities/schools, associations and parishes. She shares her life before and after she found her faith and how her deep prayer life has given her the peace, joy and courage to embrace her fearfully, wonderfully made self and the humility to surrender to God and let Him lead the way. Everyone is looking for "something more" - Find Something More - in God!


"Kendra Von Esh overflows with enthusiasm and passion as she tells of her recent conversion, reversion and immersion into the Catholic faith! Her joy is contagious." - Rev. Francis J. Hoffman (Fr. Rocky), Executive Director / CEO, Relevant Radio

"It was apparent from the beginning of her presentation, Kendra’s professional background in the business world makes her comfortable speaking in front of large audiences. Soon, she had our listeners and supporters leaning forward in their chairs, hanging on every word of her story of conversion. Suddenly, they became characters in her true tale of conversion. Storytelling is both an art and a science. The ability to tell great stories, especially true stories, is a gift. Kendra has that gift." - Mike Kendall, Chief Program Officer, Relevant Radio

"I settled in to listen to what I thought was going to be "another boring speaker!" And then Kendra started talking! Kendra's ora sparkled! I was engaged the entire time she spoke. She shared a story that was REAL! And it connects to anyone attending. It was as though my guardian angel put me exactly where I needed to be to listen to her story! I am still moved by her talk! I grabbed her book and can’t wait to finish reading it. I am sharing it with my sisters and family. I needed this talk! Go now, do not hesitate, go see her speak, you will be glad you did!” - Isabelle Roiniotis, Mom, Wife and Restaurateur

Keynote Topics: (Kendra will customize to your Theme/Event)

Conferences/Parishes/Associations/Women’s Groups:

  • Looking for Something More? Find Something More with God!
  • Your God Story: Evangelizing Outside the Church - How to Connect and Inspire Action
  • God First: Practical Ways to Keep God the Center of Your Life in Today's Modern Culture

Education/Conferences: (Kendra embraces technology using live text polling and social media to interact uniquely with your audience - smart phones welcome)

  • Elementary School - Wonderfully Made - Love Yourself as a Child of God
  • High School: A Pivotal Time Of Life - How God Can Help Pave The Way
  • College Bound : How To Be Cool While Staying Close to God
  • College to Career: How Does God Fit

Business Leaders/Professional/Conferences:

  • Wonderfully Made: How to Discern A Profession That Is Perfect for You at Any Age
  • A Spiritual Cleanse for Your Corporate Soul: How to Build A Compassionate Culture
  • Fearfully Made: How to Conquer Self-Doubt, Fear and Embrace Yourself to Thrive in Life

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