Kendra Von Esh

Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker
Kendra Von Esh Catholic Speaker - Am I Catholic?

Travels from Chicago, Illinois

I Don't Need God ... And Certainly NOT Catholicism!

Kendra Von Esh was a Corporate Executive who thought she had it all—money, prestige, power and bought into the "me" culture. She devoured all the pleasures this world had to offer but nothing satisfied her desire to "Find Something More" and her life filled with stress, anxiety and never being good enough continued as the norm.  She bought into the lie that life was not supposed to be peaceful and loving ... that it was stressful and difficult so party hard because life is short.

Kendra was a confirmed Catholic – but learned nothing about the Faith. She only went to Mass on Christmas and Easter as a child. Her family never spoke about religion or God and the world raised her. When she moved out on her own she wasn’t going to church of any kind for decades. 

Then God found her on Easter in 2013 and flipped her reality upside down and transformed her life!

Kendra's transformation was so miraculous that she left her Executive Career to inspire others deepen their relationship with God as a Catholic Speaker, Former TV News Anchor, Radio Host, Vlogger, Columnist and Author. She speaks about how her relationship with God, the supernatural sacramental graces of the Faith and gifts of the Holy Spirit have changed everything in her life! She brings hope, speaks about her entire journey and the miracles from God to Priests/Clergy, Women, Men, Young Adults and Business Leaders. Your audience will leave changed!

Meeting Planners and Conference Coordinators - Kendra is Risk-Free!

As an Executive for decades, Kendra has years of experience on global stages as a Speaker, Panelist, Facilitator and Emcee. She is an entertainer by nature, her humorous and down-to-earth style is sprinkled with her raw vulnerability and makes it easy to relate to her. She is passionate about building spiritual communities because we are not meant to walk the journey alone. Her talks quickly become a ‘coffee catch-up’ with thousands of her dearest friends and her cup is truly filled when she is engaged with live audiences.

Kendra has been featured on Shalom World TV, Radio Maria, EWTN, Relevant Radio, Living Bread Network, Catholic Vitamins, Breadbox Media, Young Catholics Respond, Catholic Marketing Network and Bear Wozniak Adventures - just to name a few. 

Written Testimonials (Video Testimonials below):

"Kendra Von Esh overflows with enthusiasm and passion as she tells of her recent conversion, reversion and immersion into the Catholic faith! Her joy is contagious." - Rev. Francis J. Hoffman (Fr. Rocky), Executive Director / CEO, Relevant Radio

"I settled in to listen to what I thought was going to be "another boring speaker!" And then Kendra started talking! Kendra's ora sparkled! I was engaged the entire time she spoke. She shared a story that was REAL! And it connects to anyone attending. It was as though my guardian angel put me exactly where I needed to be to listen to her story! I am still moved by her talk! I grabbed her book and can’t wait to finish reading it. I am sharing it with my sisters and family. I needed this talk! Bring her to your parish or go see her speak, you will be glad you did!” - Isabelle Roiniotis, Mom, Wife and Restaurateur

"It was apparent from the beginning of her presentation, Kendra’s professional background in the business world makes her comfortable speaking in front of large audiences. Soon, she had our listeners and supporters leaning forward in their chairs, hanging on every word of her story of conversion. Suddenly, they became characters in her true tale of conversion. Storytelling is both an art and a science. The ability to tell great stories, especially true stories, is a gift. Kendra has that gift." - Mike Kendall, Chief Program Officer, Relevant Radio

Topics: (Kendra Customizes Every Talk or Retreat to your Theme/Event/Audience)

Diocesan Events/Conferences/Parishes/Men and Women Associations/Retreats/Parish Missions:

  • Find Something More—A Journey of Transformation, Grace and Hope
  • Clergy/Diocesan Event —A Woman's Need for Fatherly Spiritual Love and Guidance
  • Marian Retreat —Consecration, Struggles and Miracle from Addiction
  • Deliverance—A Necessary Weapon for The Spiritual Battle
  • Distracted Prayer? Master Your Mind Retreat
  • God’s Forgiveness, Forgiveness of Self and Forgiveness of Others
  • Eucharist and Adoration—How the Blessed Sacrament Transformed My Life
  • Holy Spirit—How to See, Hear and Feel God All Day
  • Community—We Are Not Meant to Walk the Journey Alone


  • Conquer Self-Doubt and Fear - Embrace Your 'Fearfully and Wonderfully Made' Self
  • How to Live Your Faith at Work and Lead with Compassion

Get to know Kendra and her hilarious and raw faith journey in her Amazon Best Selling Book, "Am I Catholic?", available in paperback, hardcover, eBook and Audible (nararrated by Kendra).  

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