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Kelly Nieto

Travels from Farmington Hills , Michigan

Meet Internationally Acclaimed Master Storyteller, Humorist and Catholic Speaker Kelly Nieto, A Rare Speaker Who Mixes Inspiration, Catholicism, Devotion and Heartfelt Humor Into Captivating Talks…That Change Lives!

Kelly’s Extraordinary Journey To Finally Connect With God…

Kelly Nieto is one of those rare Catholic speakers who has the unique ability and talent to use the power of humor, wisdom and God to touch people deeply and inspire at the same time. “Boring” or “Lackluster” is not in Kelly’s vocabulary!

But Kelly’s faith in God was not always present. For 35 long years, Kelly wanted nothing to do with God. She was an agnostic “New Ager” who participated in séances and used psychics on a regular basis. Pretty Woo Woo stuff indeed! Jesus, Christianity, and Faith were things that Kelly shunned, and even made fun of at times.

After college Kelly became Miss Michigan, Miss America runner-up, and Miss America National Talent Winner. This success led Kelly down a path to world travel and great money as a musical comedienne opening for legendary country acts like Garth Brooks, Charlie Daniels and The Judds. Fast forward a few years, Kelly got married to her amazing husband, had two wonderful and healthy kids, and was able to live in a gorgeous home that most would be envious of. 

Life was perfect…or so it seemed.

On the outside Kelly had it all, but on the inside she felt a sense of emptiness. Something was missing. She struggled to find true peace, fulfillment and purpose in her life.

This lack of peace and purpose led Kelly down a spiraling path to depression and emptiness that began to consume her entire life and well being. It was in these darkest moments that Kelly found out her mother was going to die. For the first time in her life she reached out to God and cried out in desperation, “I don’t know who you are or what you are, but I will give you my life if you save her and show me the truth!”

And that’s when Kelly’s life changed forever…

Fast forward a few months…Kelly kept her vow and gave her life to Christ. The night before entering the Catholic Church, Kelly had a life-changing vision and was inspired to create The Cross and the Light, an international, critically acclaimed musical and multi-sensory video experience of Jesus’ death, resurrection and the coming of the holy spirit on Pentecost. This authentic biblical proclamation of the greatest love story of all time has…

  • NO religious compromises
  • church testimonials from Detroit to Australia
  • killer theatrical reviews
  • over 90,000 people in attendance
  • and standing ovations at every show!

Kelly’s amazing sense of humor and “spunk and spirit” has always remained at the center of everything she does. All of her inspiring talks are filled with hilarious and heart-warming stories of faith, God, and The Path to Peace and Purpose!

Who Says God Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor? He Invented It!

Kelly’s uplifting and magnetic (and super hilarious!) personality has wowed audiences all over the world for over 35 years. She’s emceed the Miss Michigan Pageant for 23 years, also emceed the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas, and performed her one-woman show in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, as well as on cruise ships and for corporations across the world.

Kelly is the founder and CES (Chief Executive Servant) of Nieto Productions, Nieto Publishing, and Living Faith…which is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money to help underprivileged kids attend The Cross and The Light.

Thanks to the love and support from Kelly’s husband, five beautiful kids and other family and friends, she now gives numerous talks to churches and organizations all across the country.

“Her talk was AWESOME. Kelly’s message has helped me to 
open up and let God be in control of my Life. I now spend more 
time in prayer and know that I am not alone.”
- Robin Norman -

Kelly’s 3 talks include…

Talk #1: The Path To Peace & Purpose – The Story Behind The Show
In Kelly’s most popular talk, she takes you along her incredible (yet very hilarious!) conversion journey that took her from being a musical comedienne to finally becoming a devoted and dedicated Catholic. You’ll discover the life-changing vision she had from God, as well as the real-life supernatural events that led her to create The Cross and the Light!

Talk #2: The ABC’s of the Call
The ABC’s of the Call is one of those rare gems of humorous dialogue that’s not only jam packed with theological wisdom and transformative insights, but it has the power to uplift and inspire as well. The hilarious stories that are shared in this talk will bring the audience back to the most basic building blocks of the faith journey, which are…

  • “A” is for the Awareness of His Presence, Acceptance of His Mercy and Love, and Abandonment of God’s will.
  • “B” is a reminder to Be Still with the Lord, Be thankful for the Blessings to come, and Beg God for your working papers.
  • “C” emphasizes the need to stay in Constant Communication with God in order to be fully open to receive the Courage to Carry your daily Cross.

Talk #3: A Combination of Talks #1 & #2
Why not get the very best out of both talks in #1 and #2 above, in one super-charged 1-hour presentation? Now you can with this unique and uplifting “best of” talk! 

Testimonials: Attendees are simply RAVING about Kelly Nieto:

"Kelly was such a delight to have speak at our Faith and Wine Lee County Event! From the minute she walked in the door to prepare, she was a blessing to each and every person she encountered. From the podium, she captured our attention with her natural beauty and vibrant style. Her story was moving and her message  was deeply poignant. We all left with a renewed desire to surrender to God’s complete will in our lives! We are so appreciative she was able to speak for us! Thank you!" - Sue Ammon, President, Faith and Wine, Fort Myers, Florida

"TRULY BRILLIANT! Kelly's conversion story touched my heart and enlightened me on my own journey of becoming closer to our God." - Leslie Harden

"I sat next to a teary New Orleans Katrina Victim who stated that she never thought she could smile or see the blessings from the tragedy. After Kelly's witness at WMOS, she was not only smiling but laughing at God's goodness. Kelly, thank you! Laughter truly is God's Blessing!" - Donna Essary

"Kelly! You hit it out of the park! I love your SPIRIT and your SPUNK. Most of all I love your story. I've been thinking a lot about peace and purpose this week. You are in inspiration." Kelly Maan

"Kelly Nieto profoundly touches both hearts and minds when she speaks. She is a catalyst for life change as she shares her personal story and insights." - Joan Thomas

"The Holy Spirit speaks boldly through Kelly! It was so UPLIFTING, and my teenage daughter just kept saying 'DANG! SO COOL' You need to have Kelly speak at your next event!" - Melanie Mebus

"I have been a Catholic school educator for more than 20 years. I have listened to dozens of keynote speakers at countless conferences and seminars. Kelly Nieto ranks in the top 1% of those speakers. Her faith-filled presentation had us laughing, crying and clapping, but most of all it was the inspiration we needed to begin the school year." - Jim Gieryng, Independence, IA

“Through LAUGHTER and TEARS Kelly teaches us how God works 
miracles through each of us! Kelly uses her sense of humor to 
remind us what a great gift we have in our Catholic faith!” 
- Jeni McBride

“I loved that she stressed that God just wants to love us. 
It’s not about DOING anything. In our busy lives just 
knowing God loves us is so comforting.” 
- Kelli Williams

"As the Chair of Women's Morning of Spirituality in Memphis, our participants are still talking about how their faith grew through their TEARS AND LAUGHTER! You can definitely say that Kelly is 'hilariously' Catholic and incredibly inspiring!" - Brenda Kindelan

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