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Kelly is a Catholic special needs parent who has found joy in her vocation as a wife, mother, homeschooler, and caregiver and who seeks to share that joy with other Catholics who are struggling to accept whatever cross God has placed on their shoulders. Kelly has spoke at conferences around the country inspiring Catholic women, mothers, home educators, and other special needs parents with her unique brand of humor and practical advice for thriving in the face of adversity. 

Kelly is a Catholic convert who joined the Church, and married her high school sweetheart in 2001. She and her husband started a family right away and quickly welcomed five children in eight years. Despite a successful background in journalism, Kelly gave herself over fully to homeschooling, as well as caregiving after her two youngest were diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder knows as Spinal Muscular Atrophy in 2009 and 2010. Despite being overwhelmed with everything on her plate, Kelly started writing again and created the popular blog This Ain't The Lyceum. She quickly became known for her sense of humor and ability to write powerfully about Christ's supporting presence even amongst the challenges of homeschooling and special needs parenting. Soon after, requests for her to share her unique experinces led her to speak at various Catholic conferences, radio shows and podcasts.

In 2019 Kelly started a conference and online apostolate for Catholic special needs parents. Accepting the Gift provides support and resources that can help Catholic special needs parents thrive in their unique vocation. Her advice on how to navigate a special needs diagnosis for your child is now a book set to be released by Our Sunday Visitor Publishing in Fall 2021. 

Regardless of your unique cross, Kelly helps people realize they can do hard things, and not only survive but thrive with joy in challenging situations. 

Some talks Kelly has given for Catholic conferences and events:

How Parishes Can Work with Parents of Children With Disabilities

Finding Joy Amidst the Chaos of Catholic Family Life

How to Start Living Liturgically in Your Family- No Experience Neccesary

Catholic Womanhood: Seven Steps to Rock Your Vocation Like a Boss

Peace in the Margins: How To Prevent Burnout As A Catholic Special Needs Parent

When It All Seems Like Too Much: How to Homeschool During Difficult Circumstances

How To Keep a Sense of Humor When Your Child Forgets Long Division…Again


“I was expecting your talk to be funny and entertaining (and it was), but was unprepared for how profoundly moving it would also be!” -Liz U.

“Kelly speaks with humor, spunk, and an earnestness which is at once engaging and inspiring. Her talk had me laughing, crying, and reflecting on my vocation.” -Wendy C. 

“Listening to Kelly speak with humor and humility, I laughed and cried as she delivered a powerful message about owning our state in life and tackling its daily obstacles with joy and trust in the Lord…and, most importantly, how to punch Satan in the face while we’re at it! At a time when I couldn’t see beyond the next diaper change, it was the spiritual shot in the arm this weary-eyed mama needed.” – Julia W.

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