Kelly Croy

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Kelly Croy
Kelly Croy
Kelly Croy

Travels from Oak Harbor, Ohio

Whether Kelly Croy is in the classroom, involved in sports, writing, speaking, or creating artwork, his ultimate goal is to inspire people to live richer and fuller lives.  Kelly Croy is a chalk artist and keynote speaker.

He has entertained and amazed audiences across the nation including corporations, schools, churches, conferences, and anywhere people come together to be entertained and inspired.

He was born into a creative family with the belief that everyone has special and unique talents to be shared with the world. His goal setting and passion for adventure continued in the Boy Scouts, where he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout rank was not just an award; it represents the principles by which he lives his life.

At an early age Kelly recognized a desire to improve himself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  He saw too many people focusing their attention on just one area and living an incomplete life. Kelly aspires for the “complete package” and balance of all areas. 
Kelly’s passion for art began at an early age.  According to his mother, he has been drawing pictures since before he could walk. He loved to see his pictures hang on the refrigerator. Today, Kelly shares his artwork and message with thousands each year in an exciting performance that incorporates performance, art, music, and computer animation with an inspirational speech.  Kelly’s artistic performance and computer animation creates the illusion of bringing the artwork to life, that mesmerizes audiences!

Kelly’s twenty-one years as a teacher and coach, combined with his experiences in the professional world as the founder of three successful companies provides him with the unique ability to connect with any age, and with any group. 
His message for all is simple yet profound, to live a life uncommon, by pursuing your dreams relentlessly, impacting the lives of others, and welcoming discipline and challenges as a way to grow. 

He is an expert in leadership, an artist, a speaker, and a wordsmith.
 His combination of physical and verbal humor is a delight for all ages.

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