Katie Warner

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Katie Warner

Travels from Marietta, Georgia

Katie Warner is a Catholic wife, stay-at-home mother, speaker, writer, and evangelist who is passionate about taking small steps toward a more meaningful and spiritual life, and helping others do the same. She is the author of Head & Heart (Emmaus Road Publishing, Fall 2015), a book that offers practical strategies and inspiring stories to help men and women become strong spiritual leaders for their family.

Katie writes and speaks about a variety of spiritual and practical topics, and has presented in venues like the National Catholic Bible Conference and numerous Legatus chapters, the Eucharistic Congress of Atlanta, EWTN radio, and on EWTN television. She is also a presenter for the Symbolon RCIA and Opening the Word programs produced by the Augustine Institute. You can find her written articles in The Integrated Catholic Life and the National Catholic Register.

Katie works part-time (usually during her son’s nap time and into the dark hours of the night) as the Manager of Communication and Evangelization for Catholics Come Home, a national Catholic evangelism apostolate working to invite fallen-away Catholics and non-Catholics home to the Catholic Church. She holds a graduate degree in Catholic Theology, specializing in Evangelization and Catechesis, from the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Speaking Topics:
Spiritual Leadership, Catholic Culture, Family, Family Life, Marriage, Motherhood, Motivational, New Evangelization, Religious Ed, Social issues, Theology, Women's issues, Young Adult Topics, Youth topics (9-12 Grade)

Skills, Talents or Services
Professional writing (correspondent for National Catholic Register), author (Head & Heart, Emmaus Road Publishing, Fall 2015), Manager of Communication and Evangelization for Catholics Come Home


The Faith of Our Young People...And What We Can Do About It: So many young people today appear to be leaving the Church. These young, fallen-away Catholics may be your nieces and nephews, your neighbor's kids, or even your own teenage and young adult children. How do we get them to stay Catholic or invite them to come home? Using engaging stories, current trends, and relevant evangelization strategies for relating to the youth in our culture, this hopeful talk will explore the faith of today's young people...and what you can do about it.

Becoming A Stronger Spiritual Leader for Your Family: Many men and women today aren’t focusing on spiritual leadership in the home—causing families to drift away from faith or to live life less purposefully or vibrantly than God desires us to live it. Refocusing on spiritual leadership can change that, dramatically impacting individual families and the whole Church.

Rediscover joy, peace, direction, and vitality of faith in family life by fulfilling your role as the spiritual head or spiritual heart of your family. Through inspiring stories and practical strategies, this transformative talk will help teach you how to better lead and love your family toward heaven, by refocusing on your spiritual leadership in family life.


"Katie is very passionate about her love for Christ and his Church. She is well-formed theologically and is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. I highly recommend her." - Bishop James Conley, Diocese of Lincoln

"You will rarely meet a more authentic person who cares so deeply about our Catholic faith and who wants to share it enthusiastically with the world. I have great respect for her passion, devotion to faith, and speaking/writing abilities. I give Katie my strongest recommendation!" - Randy Hain, co-founder of the Integrated Catholic Life and Author

"I've had the pleasure of getting to know Katie during her studies at the Augustine Institute and working with her on various projects, including utilizing her as a contributor to our Symbolon RCIA and Opening the Word DVD programs. She is a dynamic speaker and writer, always exuding enthusiasm, joy, and love in teaching Catholicism with clarity and truth. Her passion for the New Evangelization is evident, and she is determined to spread that fervor to others!" - Dr. Edward Sri, Provost of the Augustine Institute, popular Catholic speaker and author of several books including Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love

“Katie Peterson Warner is a very dynamic young woman with great love for God and the Church. She is passionate and eloquent in her articulation of the teachings of the Church. Katie's greatest asset is her knowledge and desire to continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in fidelity to the Church. I highly recommend Katie as the speaker at your next conference, retreat, etc., and you'll never regret you did!” - Fr. Henry Atem, Pastor, St. George Catholic Church, Newnan, Georgia

“Katie captivated our Legatus chapter last night with her informative and passionate talk. She spoke with such enthusiasm and poise and sparked many dinner conversations.” - Dave and Geri Misch, Legatus West L.A. Chapter

“I want to write a short note recommending a speaker who has been well-received everywhere she has spoken. Katie (Peterson) Warner has spoken to several of my Legatus chapters. Katie is young and poised. She is well-rooted in her knowledge of the Catholic Church. Each time I hear her she is even better than the time before! You will be pleased with her if you have the good fortune to confirm her as one of your speakers.” - Brian Von Gruben, former Legatus Region Director

“Katie was amazing!! Her message was very interesting to our audience and I am particularly pleased that there were so many questions. I had so many folks say fabulous things about Katie’s talk!” - Carrie Lee, Chapter President, Legatus Baton Rouge

“Gifted as a communicator, Katie connects amazingly well with her audience members. Talented as an extemporaneous speaker, she will draw you into her carefully crafted message. She will make you want to become a better listener.” - Emily Holler, Senior Lecturer of Communication and Public Speaking Coordinator, Kennesaw State University

“I met Katie a few years ago at our parish after she spoke at our women's retreat. As I listened to her speak, I hung on to every single word she said from the beginning to end. Where does this passion come from and how do I get it? She shared her love for her faith and I was inspired to be a better Catholic and seek the passion Katie had. Katie has an aura that is contagious.” - Kara, Parishioner, St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church, Roswell, Georgia

“If you want to wow an audience and fill the room, invite this gifted, young, female Catholic catechist to energize your attendees! Katie Peterson Warner delivers Catholic motivational presentations that are game-changers, touching hearts and souls. If I could praise her any more, you’d think she was my own daughter! (Actually, Katie is my daughter, but know that she will knock it out of the park for you nonetheless!) From the National Bible Conference to Diocesan events and Legatus chapters, Katie receives top marks from program organizers.” - Tom Peterson, Founder and President, Catholics Come Home

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