Kathleen Lindemann

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Kathleen Lindemann Catholic Speaker
Kathleen Lindemann Catholic Speaker
Kathleen Lindemann Catholic Speaker

Travels from Atlanta, Georgia

Kathleen found Jesus in the bathroom!!!  She suddenly became aware of the presence of Jesus trying to break into her life… and where of all places…the bathroom! Kathleen is an exhilarating and dynamic catholic speaker and evangelist. She has the gift of taking everyday life situations and weaving the Joy of the Gospel into a practical application. Her audiences walk away, refreshed, renewed, and most importantly, ready to evangelize others. Kathleen’s authentic personal stories are hilarious and heartfelt. She will encourage the audience to unleash the gospel in their own lives, while leading them to realize that they too can walk in the light of Christ. Participants will feel empowered and find a deeper meaning in their faith journey through experiencing her zeal.

Kathleen works with many different audiences and has a special love for women’s groups. She enjoys traveling and speaking at women’s events and conferences. Kathleen’s primary focus is  sharing the excitement for the Lord while encouraging women to be catholic role models for other women. Kathleen is a graduate of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit Michigan, where she earned an M.A. in Pastoral Studies with a concentration in the New Evangelization.

While residing in Detroit, she worked for the archdiocese of Detroit as the Associate Director of Evangelization.  She worked also as the regional coordinator of evangelization for over 50 parishes.  While working closely with the Archbishop, she was a member of his leadership team which planned the Synod on The New Evangelization for the archdiocese in 2016.  She served as an expert advisor at the synod and has extensive experience working with parishes to implement The New Evangelization.  Kathleen is committed to the mission of evangelizing and sharing the good news. It is her goal to lead as many people as possible to become joyful missionary disciples while unleashing the gospel within their families and the world. 

Kathleen is a wife of 35 years, mother of two boys and has two grandchildren.

Speaking Topics:

Evangelization is Kathleen's top mission priority. The New Evangelization is simply bringing Jesus into every human situation by elevating His presence and importance in individuals, families, parishes, and schools. It is also about receiving the good news, living it, and sharing it with our families and friends in our homes, workplaces, and beyond. This concept is of upmost importance to Kathleen. The following talks are suggestions that can be used in the planning of your event. Kathleen can customize a presentation to meet the needs of your event. Every event is unique and is prayerfully discerned.

Discovering your God given voice & evangelizing with femininity and grace:  (This talk is excellent for Women's conferences and women's groups)

If God is the King of Kings and we are his daughters…doesn’t that make us a princess' of the King? Who wouldn’t want to be a princess of the King!  Do you believe you are  princess? Do you know how much God loves you?  When a woman knows who she is and fully realizes that God loves her…she can set the world on fire for God! This talk inspires women to realize that the feminine genius that they possess is a powerful gift. The voice of one woman can guide her family closer to Christ and inspire others to fall in love with Jesus too. This talk encourages women to let their voices be heard. The world is in desperate need to hear Mom's, Grandmothers, Sisters, and Aunts use their voices to evangelize to their family and friends. Kathleen shows practical ways to share the joy of the gospel and to have the courage to unleash the gospel into the world.

Everyone has a story...Everyone!  The power of your story and why it needs to be shared...NOW!!: (This Talk is perfect for women’s conferences and parish missions)

Do you believe that your life is a story that needs to be shared? The power of your story is a big part of your evangelization message. God is working in and through everything we do. This talk powerfully reveals "Kathleen’s  conversion story", and shows how necessary and how very important it is to formulate your own life story. When we are aware of the Father working in our lives, we can become confident in sharing our story with others and the joy of God's presence in all we do.  This talk explains what is Evangelization and how can we share the message of why Jesus came to save us. This presentation will present a helpful step by step guide to help the participant reflect and begin to formulate "their story".  Pope Francis teaches us that in order for us "To be evangelizers of souls, we need to develop a spiritual taste for being close to people's lives and to discover that this is itself a source of greater joy." (Evangelli Gaudium) 268. 

Unleashing the beauty from within: The “SPA” retreat; Learning to be Spiritually Prepared Always so true beauty radiates: (This is a wonderful retreat for mom's and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, and middle school/high school students.)

Do you want to become a beautiful woman in Christ?  The SPA retreat is a women's retreat that challenges the participants to unleash the beauty that comes from within. Through an engaging and thought provoking presentation, the virtues are explained in a practical way supported by Holy Scripture and the wisdom of the saints. Each participant receives a SPA bag containing gifts that assist them in discovering their true beauty in Christ. Jesus longs to radiate His beauty though us. Do you long to be truly beautiful?  A truly moving experience!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. God made YOU and he doesn’t make junk: (Inspiring for women’s groups, conferences and retreats)

It is only in God that we discover our origin, our identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance our destiny, our inner beauty. Every other path leads to a dead end. It all begins with God. The energy of one women in powerful. I wonder though how many times in life we undervalue who we are. This inspiring talk focuses on the “Femininity” of women that Pope St. John Paul II teaches in Mulieris Dignitatem: Apostolic Letter on the Dignity of Women. “The grace of God through what happened at Nazareth has perfected the ‘characteristic of woman, of what is feminine’ (MD 5). The Blessed Mother’s response of “yes” at the Annunciation can be our “yes” too. You will learn how to grasp the meaning of inner beauty and how to become an intentional and joyful  in your missionary zeal, following in the footsteps of our Blessed Mother who was the first disciple.

"Be Mary:"  Living The Blessed Mother's Virtues with contagious JOY: (This presentation is perfect for women's groups, retreats and women's conferences)

All of the saints, along with those who lived saintly lives, possessed three common virtues. This uplifting talk focuses on three virtues and the inspiration of our Blessed Mother's "YES" through the Annunciation.  We, as "saints in training", can also emulate the beauty of Mary's commitment by following the will of God in our lives as she did. Mary was the first disciple. It is her faith witness that shows us how our lives can reflect the joy of surrendering all to Jesus. This heartwarming talk will show us how we too can walk our faith journey virtuously and with confidence in Christ.

 Everyone needs a 4 o'clock moment but why does it matter... Come and See what time it is: (This talk is for a general parish audiences and also works great for women's groups and conferences)

Have you truly invited Jesus into your life? This presentation reflects on John 1:35-39....where Jesus meets his disciples and invites them to "Come and See". What is a 4 o’clock moment?  What does that mean and how can we learn to hear God's voice in a world that is so full of noise? This talk explains how important it is to break away from the noise of everyday life and seek the voice of God through prayer and "wasting time" with Jesus. Authentic personal stories are shared to show how God is working in our everyday life situations. Do you know what time it is? God thirsts to be in relationship with you! Come and See!!

Where is your GPS system taking you? Following the coordinates to freedom and joy: (This presentation can be geared towards general parish missions for Advent, and also works well for Advent Women’s Tea Programs)

How do we live out the virtues in our everyday life? How do we know what God wants us to do and how do we stay faithful to His call? This talk looks at the mystery of the Epiphany. “The Wise Men from the East embody the men and women who in every age set out on the way which leads to the Child of Bethlehem, to offer him homage as the Son of God and to bow down before him. What gave them courage to keep focused despite the distractions of everyday life? This talk weaves scripture with everyday personal experiences to bring to light how we all have the supreme duty to keep our focus on Jesus. He is the way the truth and the life.  Our GPS (God Provides the Spirit) coordinates need to be precisely inputted.  We need to encourage each other to keep on the journey and follow the GPS which leads us to Jesus.

Joy is not the absence of suffering; Joy is the presence of God…Touching the Hem of Jesus Retreat: (This retreat is excellent for Women’s groups)

If I believe that I have faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord; “How does that faith lead me to an encounter with Jesus, “to touch the hem of Jesus’ cloak so that I can be healed?” This talk focuses on the scripture passage of the miraculous healing of the “Women with the Hemorrhage” and how her trust in God lead her to complete surrender and trust in His saving power. A personal testimony is given on how God’s healing power is available to each of us every day and the confidence of his love when we put our faith in him alone. Joy is not the absence of suffering; joy is the presence of God. A moving experience of the power of God’s hand in our lives; “when we do the ridiculous he does the miraculous.” (Mother Angelica)

Come Encounter Christ in the New Evangelization: (This talk is perfect for parish missions during Advent, Lent or anytime a parish desires to encounter Christ on a more personal level)

The New Evangelization is the Church’s call for each of us to deepen our faith, believe in the gospel message and go forth and proclaim the gospel. How can this be accomplished within our busy lifestyles? These three mission talks begin with "The Encounter"; Deny Yourself, "The Surrender"; Take up your Cross, and finally "Witness"; Come follow me. It encourages the audience to come see Jesus in a personal and intimate way. God thirsts to be in relationship with you. If we are to answer the church's call for The New Evangelization, we must learn how to embrace the beauty of our catholic faith and be comfortable in sharing with others the power of God's love and mercy. The time to be joyful missionary disciples is NOW!

Unleashing the Gospel and building evangelizing parishes; Understanding the New Evangelization...It's NOT scarey: (This presentation is perfect for a parish mission. This talk can also be presented to a general audience at the parish and diocesan level)

This presentation provides an excellent foundation for the New Evangelization. It explains what is the New Evangelization and how it can be implemented on a parish level. It also explores the importance of Matthew 28:16; “Go therefore and make disciples"..., and the impact it can have on a parish. This presentation is highly motivating and engaging. It emphasizes to the participants a clear vision of evangelization and why it is so vital for the future of our Catholic church.

Making Jesus First; Building Evangelizing Schools: (This talk is excellent for school administration audiences. Successfully used as a "retreat" for school staff, especially to motivate and encourage teachers in the New Evangelization)

Our Catholic schools should be bursting with the Joy of the Gospel!  Evangelization is the key to a successful catholic school mission. This presentation explains what is the New Evangelization and also identifies the catholic school role in implementing what the church is calling forth. This engaging presentation brings an awareness of the important role each educator has in passing on the faith and preparing each student to have a personal relationship with Jesus. The time to evangelize is NOW!

Testimonials and Endorsements:

"You will find Mrs. Lindemann is faith-filled, intelligent, enthusiastic and devoted to the mission of the New Evangelization. She would make an outstanding addition to your team.” - Most Rev. Michael J. Byrnes, Coadjutor Archbishop of Agana

"Kathleen is a woman on mission for Christ and His Church!  She is immensely gifted in the art of engaging an audience, and has a knack for bringing the light and love of Christ to those areas of life that most people would prefer be kept in the dark...and she does it all with her classic "Kathleen" humor and wit!  She is funny and passionate, has a flair for the dramatic, and is madly in love with Jesus. Kathleen truly brings meaning to the words of St. Pope John Paul II, when he said, "The New Evangelization is meant to be new in it's ardor, new in it's methods and new in it’s expression." - Maureen Dierkes; Founder of Awaken Ministries

"I had the pleasure of ministering with Kathleen Lindemann for 3 years in the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis in the Archdiocese of Detroit.  Kathleen, respectful of the teachings of the Catholic Church, is masterful in her presentations on Catechesis and Evangelization.  Her creative sessions reflect her passion for the New Evangelization.  Perhaps her most valuable contribution is the way she shares her personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Kathleen’s heart is on fire as she shares the Good News of Jesus Christ and her exuberance is contagious!" - Sister Kathleen Matz CDP, Congregation of Divine Providence, Associate Director; Office of Evangelization and Catechesis, Detroit, Michigan

"Kathleen is an extraordinary gifted speaker. She presented the “SPA” retreat which was absolutely fabulous.  The way she used everyday beauty items and placed a spiritual twist on each one was witty and eye opening. The women learned how to unleash the beauty from within, and become a beautiful woman in Christ. We had such a good response that we brought her back a second time because so many women requested her to come back. They wanted to share this important message of beauty with others. I would highly recommend her.  She is amazingly fresh." - Regina Simony, RCIA and Adult Faith Director, St. Anastasia 

"Kathleen has a gift for speaking and evangelization. She is enthusiastic and reaches the heart of all those who listen. Her love of the Lord shines through in her presentation and she leads the listener to a genuine desire to evangelize and love the Eucharistic Lord even more. I would highly encourage those who are searching for a speaker on evangelization and prayer, to request Kathleen. You will not be disappointed! Did I mention her lively sense of humor too? We all need to learn the love of God and evangelization in a lively and practical way. Kathleen is the woman who will give you just that!" - Alejandra M. Correa-coordinator of "Unlock the Treasures of Jesus Christ within" 2016 Catholic Women's Conference (Sterling Heights, Michigan)

"Kathleen is woman of great faith.  Her contagious joy is born from her relationship with Jesus and her passion to do the will of the Father.  It is one thing, a most important thing to posses her faith, joy and knowledge of the faith, it is quite another to couple that with incredible gifts.  She is creative and extremely competent with the way she shares her faith and her personal stories that those who hear her are encouraged to live this exuberant faith for themselves. She is truly a joyful disciple!   This combination of passion and skill set make her uniquely qualified as a leader and communicator.  Your event would be blest to have her come and share these gifts with your conference and or parish." - Dn. Steve Mitchell, National Director; Alpha | Catholic context

"Kathleen Lindemann retreats forever change people.  I had the pleasure of listening to her at the Archdiocese of Detroit principal meeting and knew I needed to bring her to our parish staff retreat and our vicariate.  Her message is one everyone needs to hear.  I cannot thank her enough for sharing her faith and love of God with us." - Melissa Lambrecht,  Principal; Our Lady of Good Council, Plymouth, Michigan

“I had the blessing of being Kathleen’s supervisor when she served our Lord Jesus as an Evangelization Coordinator in the Archdiocese of Detroit.  And I attest that her knowledge and passion for evangelization is exceptional.  It was a joy to witness her giftedness and her ability to relate and minister to many people in both large and small venues and bring them to a love encounter with Christ.  Her stories, her courage, her joy, her love for Christ Jesus is sure to inspire many women and men to grow and mature as authentic disciples.  I highly recommend Kathleen for ministry in retreats and conferences at both the diocesan and parish level.” - Fr Eduardo Montemayor, SOLT

"Kathleen is the embodiment of what it means to be a “joyful missionary disciple”: she exudes such joy that is both creative and contagious; her missionary zeal is engaging and exciting, and her model of discipleship is at once inspired and inspiring. You just have to “Come and See.” - Nancy Piotrowski, Sacred Heart Parish

"Kathleen has the charism of evangelism—that is, helping bring souls closer to Christ and His Church.  She is engaging, relevant, prepared and full of authentic enthusiasm.  Kathleen is a woman of the Church—not a solo act.  She works in communion with the Church’s pastors and in harmony with the Holy Spirit and therefore, by God’s grace, she has a knack for bearing great fruit for the Jesus in this ecclesial age of the New Evangelization." - Alex Kratz, OFM, Duns Scotus Friary, Berkley, MI

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