Justin Fatica

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Justin Fatica
Justin Fatica

Travels from Paramus, New Jersey

Justin Fatica
In 1997 a young man sitting in Saint Peters Cathedral in Erie, PA had an experience with God. God touched him in his heart and encouraged him to make Christ popular.

He believed that God had something really big planned so that he could bring praise and honor to the love of his life Jesus Christ.

That young man's name is Justin Fatica. At the age of seventeen Justin promised God that he would dedicate his life to spreading the name of his personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Upon graduating Cathedral Prep in Erie, PA, he attended Seton Hall University. While at Seton Hall he founded the 12 Apostles Program, a program designed to help his fellow college students develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. They traveled throughout the metropolitan area bringing the Word of God to high school students. This was just the beginning of Justin fulfilling promise to God.

After graduating Seton Hall, he decided to continue his mission as a religion teacher and campus minister at Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus, NJ. It became clearer here, that the Lord had different call on his life. He made a firm decision to begin his plan of starting his mission.

Hard as Nails Ministries, founded in 2002, has touched thousands of lives. Fatica now believes that this is an answered prayer that he has been waiting for since 1997. His goal is to use what he calls "ENTERTAINMENT WITH A MESSAGE" to an MTV, video game and in your face generation. It is intense and you will never forget his unparalleled and intensely dynamic speaking style. Whether it is an "in your face" style like so many media outlets polarize or his gentle tender hearted approach. His message is about loving all people no matter who they are or what they have been through. It is not just about him. He has teams of college and high school students who work hard at developing skits and testimonies to touch the lives of young people throughout the country. Fatica has touched lives in such a dramatic way that the ministry has had numerous youth, after their Hard as Nails experience, travel hundreds of miles just to be a part of the mission again.

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