Judy Keane

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Judy Keane Catholic Speaker Author Business Divine Mercy Relationships
Judy Keane Catholic Speaker Author Business Divine Mercy Relationships

Travels from Phoenix, Arizona

Judy is an accomplished speaker with experience speaking at large conferences to weekend retreats. While Judy can speak on a variety of topics she has a special focus on speaking about being Single and Catholic. Over the past decade, she has been an active board member of the Arizona Marian Conference where she has also served as a speaker and Master of Ceremonies. Judy is an experienced communications professional and a former broadcast news producer for a major television affiliate.  A lifelong Catholic, she resides in Phoenix, Arizona and is single.

Judy Keane’s most recent experience is as Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) based in Washington D.C.  She is also the author of the recently published book, Single and Catholic – Finding Meaning in Your State of Life (Sophia Institute Press). Prior to joining the USCCB, Judy was Director of Media Relations and Strategic Communications for Arizona State University as well as Manager of Public Affairs for Maricopa Integrated Health System, the public healthcare system for the state of Arizona. 

Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, Judy graduated with a BA in English from Arizona State University.  She also holds an MBA in International Business. Judy also lived in Bosnia-Herzegovina where she served as a humanitarian aid worker and taught high school English for two years during and after the Bosnia war. She has served on numerous boards and committees and she has acted as emcee for several large Catholic conferences.  She has also been a featured speaker at numerous conferences, and has appeared on EWTN, Ave Maria Radio, Guadalupe Radio, Divine Mercy Radio, and has been quoted in national Catholic and secular print publications. She has been a regular contributing writer to Catholic Exchange website and is currently working on her second book, a mystery novel.  Judy has also spoken at numerous retreats and with Catholic Business Professional groups. She was also a recent featured keynote speaker at the National Catholic Singles Conference. 

Speaking Topics:

-Single and Catholic/ Soul Survival for Catholic Singles:  Living the single life – and choosing to live it in accord with our Catholic Faith – is no easy task.  Author of Single and Catholic, Judy Keane, speaks from the experience in living as a single Catholic and offers guidance and encouragement to help other singles Catholics of all ages (including those who are widowed and annulled)  in the life God has given us. More than learning to find a spouse,  Judy focuses on how to use your time as a Catholic single to make something beautiful for God.  Judy will also talk about growing in holiness and love of God, will explore the temptations and struggles that are unique to single Catholics,  and living a life in Christ right now!

-Divine Mercy: This talk focuses on the history of Divine Mercy, the deep need to forgive ourselves and others by immersing all in Jesus’s ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world, the power of the 3pm hour and how it can change the world, and the great gift of the Divine Mercy novena as well as spreading the message of Divine Mercy in our daily lives.

-Purgatory: Just will focus on how we can live our lives to benefit the souls in purgatory, what purgatory is all about, what the saints have said about purgatory, why it is a such a huge part of God’s merciful plan for humanity and how can we avoid it?  

-What “Catholic” Women Want: (a talk geared toward men)  - Currently in development – has the general focus of calling Catholic men to be spiritual warriors in a culture that continues to assault their masculinity as role models, heads of households and in the Church itself.  The talk will also explore how Catholic women need good Catholic men to reclaim their place in society, in the family, when dating and seeking a spouse, and in our culture at large and in defending the unborn and upholding religious freedom.  It’s calling Catholic men to man up-when it comes to living the faith fully and without compromise in the realm of sexuality and temptation in a culture seeking  to demean their God-given attributes.  The Church needs “Brave Hearts” now more than ever before.

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