John McNichol

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John McNichol
John McNichol
John McNichol

Travels from Dallas, Texas

Husband, Father, Teacher, Author, Radio Commentator. John was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1970 and spent the first eighteen years of his life there before attending Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he met his wife, Jeanna. John has a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and Catholic Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he studied under Scott Hahn.

He also holds Master's Degrees in Education (Portland State University, 1996) and English Literature (Xavier University, Cincinnati, 2007).

Teacher: John has taught all grades from kindergarten to twelfth grade, but has enjoyed Catholic Middle School the most, and has taught at this level for the past twelve years.

Radio Commentator: John has also hosted the Catholic political commentary radio show Issues, Insights and Answers (2004-2007, KBVM Portland) for a three-year period, which explored the Catholic's response to moral issues on a world and local scale.

Published Author: John is the author of The Tripods Attack!, the first volume in The Young Chesterton Chronicles, a Catholic adventure series for boys starring a teenaged GK Chesterton. He has also published articles in Today's Catholic Teacher, Catholic Men's Quarterly, and over 400 short articles on topics ranging from family spirituality to Catholic media choices.
Speaker topics:
-Innovations in Religious Education, such as: 
Why Johnny Won't Pray: How Catholic Media and Education Leaves Boys Behind, and What We Can Do About it.
Many Catholic young men walk away from the Church, not because of disagreements over theology, but because much of modern Catholic education outlets subtly tells boys that being a good Catholic is incompatible with masculinity. John addresses the roots of this disorder in the Church, and what fathers and mothers today can do to encourage their own sons' authentic Catholic faith.

-Catholic Education in 21st Century America: Teaching Your Faith in Occupied Territory
Whether you are in public, Catholic, or home school, life is difficult for Catholics in the education field. Can you talk about the Bible in your history classes? How can you talk about human life issues without facing the wrath of the administration? What about challenges to your right to homeschool your children? John gives examples how these and other issues have been successfully faced by Catholic teachers in Catholic, Public and Home Schooling environments, and how you can be a successful educator without compromising your values.

Catholicism: Can it Be Cool?

Throughout history, The Catholic Church converted millions to the faith through galvanizing arts and imagery. Now, much of Catholic art and media seems flat and anemic when compared to its secular cousins in popular culture. Can the beauty and truth of the Church be displayed to the masses without sacrificing reverence or respect? John McNichol says it can, and gives examples ranging from movies to cartoons and card games that show the Church can have a Renaissance right here in North America as it's had in past cultures, if we give it a chance.

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