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John Kuypers
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John Kuypers Catholic Speaker

Travels from Buffalo, New York

John Kuypers speaks on "Healing What's Broken" and "Mutual Understanding." He is a leadership expert and author of 4 books. Founder of Kuypers Leadership, a Christian coaching and teaching service for family-business-NFP leaders. John is actively involved in the Catholic Cursillo Movement.

John Kuypers is the founding coach of Kuypers Leadership.  He serves Christians who lead business, not-for-profits and familes to resolve difficulties using The Peace Promise leadership principle as taught by Jesus in Matthew 7:5.

The author of four books, then 34 year old corporate vice-president John Kuypers blacked out on the family room floor. God hit him with the wake-up call of his life. One year later, John set out on an extraordinary inner peace mission trip to heal the peace-robbing wounds of low self-esteem, loneliness, anger and a hardened heart.

Five years, two careers and eight trips to divorce court later, he returned to the faith of his youth - Catholicism and faith in Jesus Christ. John is a hope-inspiring, grounded speaker on how to experience God for real, in the present, through the ordinary and extraordinary trials of life.

John's work is based on the counter-intuitive leadership teaching from Matthew 7:5 where Jesus urges us to first take the plank out of our own eye before we attempt to remove the speck from our brother's eye. This Christian practice helps us heal mind, heart and soul along with relationships that matter to us.

This teaching invites us to trust God in ways few of us have ever imagined. We are on a journey of self-surrender and our reward is Jesus' promise: "My peace I give you. My peace I leave you."

John is a veteran speaker and a former member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. His topics are:

1. Healing What's Broken.  This is John's testimonial talk connects the dots on God's healing hand that began with a magical year at age 23 of unconciously learning how to live in the present by living in French Montreal, followed by a collapse on the family room floor at age 34 as a corporate vp of sales. God is constantly calling us to live in his love yet we fight His beckoning tooth and nail. John's is an inspiring story of finding meaning and purpose through allowing ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit by the paradox changes that happen when we accept the present moment as it is, day by day.

1. Mutual Understanding. Broken relationships steal our peace more than anything else. Imagine if you could get that stubborn person you live or work with to see the light? Wouldn't things be better? Jesus gave us a teaching in Matthew 7:5 that promises we can do just that - IF we do it the way he teaches us. This powerful keynote is ideal for leaders, parents and couples who need to heal rifts and get on the same page by finding a mutual understanding.  Healing, conflict and daring leaps of faith are the themes of this talk.

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