John Antonio

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John Antonio
Dating and Other Things Catholic
John Antonio Catholic Speaker

Travels from Houston, Texas

Followed for his practical wisdom and evidence-based approach, John Antonio’s presentations have been a recent sensation on the scene of Single Catholic Professionals. He is the author Dating and Other Things Catholic, a unique introduction and guide to the Catholic single professional lifestyle.

John helps young Catholic Professionals build active, enjoyable dating lifestyles and eliminate relationship stress factors.  

John’s talks addresses some of the following common challenges:

-How to grow in commitment with ease 

-How to know where you are at in a relationship

-How to move on to the next step of a relationship

-Moving on from painful experiences, break-ups

-How to date better in church and young adult communities

John also gives a men’s dating and lifestyle workshop, which includes the following themes: 

-Core habits men should have while dating

-Meeting people when, where, and how 

-Top challenges men face for a healthy lifestyle

-How to progress through a relationship

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