Joelle Maryn

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Joelle Maryn Catholic Speaker
Joelle Maryn Catholic Speaker
Joelle Maryn Catholic Speaker
Joelle Maryn Catholic Speaker
Joelle Maryn Film / Movies Motivational SpeakerTheology of the Body Women's Issues Youth Speaker
Joelle Maryn Catholic Speaker
Joelle Maryn Film / Movies Motivational SpeakerTheology of the Body Women's Issues Youth Speaker
Joelle Maryn Film / Movies Motivational SpeakerTheology of the Body Women's Issues Youth Speaker
Joelle Maryn Film / Movies Motivational SpeakerTheology of the Body Women's Issues Youth Speaker
Joelle Maryn Film / Movies Motivational SpeakerTheology of the Body Women's Issues Youth Speaker

Travels from Austin, Texas

Joelle Maryn is a Speaker, Writer, Actress and TV Host who has been featured on various Christian TV and radio shows including "Life on the Rock" on EWTN.  Her message of God's healing love has radiated hope and purpose in life to many around the world.  

In her past, she has modeled for well-known brands such as Jergens, was on a billboard in Times Square, appeared on book covers, independent films and news interviews and is the former Host of Trend TV.  Joelle was also the founder/CEO of a luxury line of anti-aging makeup which has been featured on NBC and in Vanity Fair, Star and Redbook.

In 2012, she hit a spiritual rock bottom and realized she was completely empty despite these worldly accomplishments.  She had a major encounter with Jesus and in His mercy, was given another chance to love and lead others to Him.  She has served as Director of High School Youth Ministry and Confirmation and has taught Adult Faith Formation classes for several years.  She holds a certification in the "Catechesis on Human Love" and has taught the certification classes for the Diocese of Austin.  Joelle also has four years of formation as a Secular Carmelite (OCDS).  She now speaks full time and engages in faith-based on-camera projects to help lead others closer to Christ. She values the power to evangelize through the arts and has upcoming faith-based film, television and on-camera projects in addition to her speaking events.

Joelle speaks nationally at conferences, retreats, youth groups, men and women conferences, parish missions, schools and universities.

She can customize a presentation to meet your needs.  Joelle's most requested topics include: 


Examples of previous presentations:

MESSENGER OF GOD'S LOVE (Witness Presentation):

Have you ever felt lost, alone, unsure of who you are, why you're here and what God's plan is for your life? Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be healed? As an actress, model and cosmetics company CEO, it looked like Joelle had it all. She shares her beauty from ashes story and how she hit a spiritual rock bottom during a dream come true trip to Hollywood. Shortly after she had a major encounter with Jesus and has been given another chance to love and lead others to Him. Joelle is a witnes to God's mercy and encourages her audience to become true disciples of Christ. This can only be done through a deep relationship with Him and being firmly rooted in our identity as children of God. We are then led with our hearts on fire to serve and lead others to Him. We are all longing for belonging and purpose. Jesus is "The Way, The Truth, and The Life."


Do you know who your daddy is?  We need to recognize and discern the spiritual realities we face and learn how to reject the attacks of the enemy and live in the light and truth of God's Love. Journey through the desert with us as we cross over to the promised land with our "Abba".  Learn about the power of the name of Jesus and embrace your God-given spiritual armor and weapons of warfare.  Be set free in the power of God's love and majesty. 


Discover the truth of your sexuality and what you were created for. With the discord in the world, it's easy to lose sight of the truth of who we are in Christ.  Whether you are struggling with poor self-image, sexual addictions or just want to learn more about Theology of the Body - this talk is truth & healing. "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free". John 8:32 (Joelle holds a certification in the "Catechesis on Human Love" and speaks in-depth on these difficult topics).


On the outside, it seemed as if Joelle had it all. She was a model, actress and CEO but inside she felt empty and unfulfilled. Joelle discusses true beauty and the challenges and distortions that the world presents. She uncovers the common lies of the enemy that chip away at our self-esteem and worth. We are called to be "Hot" not by worldly standards but by Godly standards and we only have one true judge.


In addition to women conferences, Joelle has ministered to many men and has compassion for their struggles. Misunderstandings and miscommunication can cause great pain. Men are called to be hero's and many times end up the villains because they don't know what to do with their desires. Many men have thanked Joelle for speaking truth with love and giving them hope for a future. (Joelle has her certification in the Catechesis on Human Love and teaches the certification classes for the Diocese of Austin.)


St. Ignatius of Loyola has left a great blessing to the church.  Through his 14 rules of discernment and discerning the movements in the mind and heart one can begin to understand God's will and purpose for their life.  The rules also teach us to recognize spiritual warfare and to learn to reject the attacks of the enemy and live in the truth of God's love even in times when we feel desolate and He feels distant.  This is an in-depth study and is best planned for a full day or weekend retreat. 


I am captivated by the extraordinary passion that abides in the journey of love embarked upon by Joelle Maryn.  Her talks are inspirational and authentic.  She has a story of one who has cast into the deep to find the ultimate kind of genuine love that offers healing and redemption.  The audience is left breathless and passionately renewed." - Fr. James Ekeocha

"If you're looking for a speaker who can captivate, inspire and motivate the faithful to a deeper encounter with our Lord look no further! Joelle Maryn is exactly the speaker you need to bring the light of Christ into a world of darkness.  In her own personal witness and theological insights, Joelle will speak life, healing and love into all those present." - John Sablan, World Ablaze

"I was privileged to be a co-presenter with Joelle for a Diocese of Austin Healing Retreat.  I witnessed how Joelle touched the hearts of the retreat attendees by defining the loving mercy of our Lord to the attendees of the retreat and how God yearns to heal their wounds.  Joelle served as a humble messenger of God's infinite mercy and the true meaning of the Theology of the Body as given to us by St. John Paul II.  I was moved by the retreat attendees wonderful witnesses of how the retreat has given their lives new hope and harmony in Christ." - Deacon Terry V. Guilbert  

"There is no doubt that Joelle Maryn is a great blessing. Her Charisma and Passion in everything she does inspires and moves those around her to enjoy and live our Christian faith and values at a deeper level. Her ability to connect and communicate difficult concepts in an easy, yet in-depth way, has made a great impact in every class and presentation she has facilitated and the fruits of her work and dedication are evident in every person who has been able to attend." - Jose Juan, Director of Faith Formation Emmaus Catholic Parish & author of "Nueva Vida Para Dos"

"Joelle is such a wonderful and dynamic speaker! Our teens responded so strongly to her message at our Diocesan Youth Conference last year that we can’t wait to bring her back this year as a keynote speaker!" - Alison Tate, Director of Office of Youth, Young Adult & Campus Ministry for The Diocese of Austin 

"Joelle’s teachings and talks have encouraged me to reflect and dig deeper into my heart and soul in order to grow stronger in my spirituality.  She has a gift for speaking with a balance of compassion and courage.  It is evident her teachings are prayerful and spirit-filled because they have moved me to make changes in my life.  I look forward to continuing my journey with her wisdom and guidance." - Janette Ojeda, Retreat Participant 

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