JoAnn Contorno

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JoAnn Contorno Catholic Speaker Comedy God in Hardships Motivational Catholic Speakers
JoAnn Contorno Catholic Speaker Comedy God in Hardships Motivational Catholic Speakers
JoAnn Contorno Catholic Speaker Comedy God in Hardships Motivational Catholic Speakers
JoAnn Contorno Catholic Speaker Comedy God in Hardships Motivational Catholic Speakers

Travels from Tucson, Arizona

As a motivational speaker, JoAnn Contorno has touched the lives of more than a million people.  Using hilarious antics that keep audiences in stitches, she cheers others toward healthy lifestyles.  She presents with confidence, cheerfulness, and empathy.  After a profound spiritual experience, JoAnn realized something was missing.  She reconnected with her Catholic faith but for the first time, with passion and an unrelenting hunger for understanding.  Now, she is on fire and challenges others to experience their faith in a new way.

JoAnn Contorno is a dynamic speaker, entertainer, humorist, triathlete, wife, mother and grandmother.  During her career as a speaker and Weight Watchers leader, she has inspired many to make healthy lifestyle changes and reach their potential.  She has shared her motivational tools with corporations, government agencies, school districts, national hospital volunteer organizations throughout the United States.  Clients include Weight Watchers, Mayo Clinic, Veterans Administration, as well as hospitals and school districts.  Since embracing her faith, she is proud to add Catholic women’s groups including Vine of Grace Women’s Ministry, REAL Women of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, University of Arizona Newman Center, and the Diocese of Wyoming, Catholic Daughters of Arizona and others.

JoAnn takes the time to study and understand all the intricacies that make your group or organization special and unique.  She delivers a dynamic, custom message that not only engages your group but confirms she has done her homework.  At the same time, she incorporates passion, laughter, and fun.  It is very important to JoAnn that everyone leave with purpose, direction and spiritual tools.

She relies on God-help rather than self-help and encourages others to do the same.  Her goal is to help others ignite the light within and find faith-based solutions to life’s problems.

JoAnn gets people excited about being an active part of their parish.  She is available for keynotes, women’s teas, fundraisers, retreats, and other events.

Speaking Topics:

-My House or His?! - Revelation 3:20 … “Here I am!  I stand at the door and knock.”  Will you open your door?  Not only did JoAnn open her door, she invited Jesus into her home and together they remodeled.  With JoAnn’s guidance, you will create blueprints for your own renovation.

-The Beat Goes On: JoAnn firmly believes that if you are very comfortable regarding your faith, it is time to break out of your comfort zone!  Change can be extremely difficult for many but vital for all to grow.  JoAnn has run a good race and wishes to help you win yours! 

-Out of the Chaos and into the Light: Stress can be dark and debilitating.  Pope Francis says, “From my point of view, God is the light that illuminates the darkness, even if it does not dissolve it, and a spark of divine light is within each of us.”  Allow JoAnn to bring you hope and provide you with spiritual tools to reduce the stress in your life and fan that spark within you.  

-There's No "I" in Team: JoAnn coaches you in recruiting and building your own team for spiritual support, encouragement, and enlightenment.

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