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Jimmy Mitchell

Jimmy Mitchell

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Jimmy Mitchell Catholic Speaker
Jimmy Mitchell Catholic Speaker
Jimmy Mitchell Catholic Speaker
Jimmy Mitchell Catholic Speaker
Jimmy Mitchell Catholic Speaker

Travels from Nashville, Tennessee

Believing deeply in the power of beauty to change the world, Jimmy’s gift of storytelling and piano-playing brings him to every corner of the world inspiring others to realize their capacity for greatness.

He’s the founder and chief curator of Love Good, a media company in Nashville, TN that transforms ordinary consumers into cultural influencers who raise their standard for media and turn that standard into a way of life. More than anything, Jimmy enjoys time with family and friends over good music, old books, and local coffee. Follow his adventures on social media, check out his latest tunes on Spotify, and book him today for your next big event.


The Art of Being Human
What unites us and why your life matters

Raise the Standard
How to curate media that will build a better culture

Love What Is Good
Understanding virtue in the age of post-relativism

Brave Enough to Wonder
Why humility matters in your pursuit of success


Lead With Beauty
How the last-standing transcendental can win souls and evangelize culture

Wounded By Love
Tales from a wandering missionary

Through It All
A journey through salvation history from Creation to Pentecost

Give Me Purity (or give me death)
How to fight for freedom in a pornographic world

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