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Travels from Fort Myers, Florida

Jim Havens is a Catholic husband and father who is convinced and convicted that Jesus and His Catholic Church are the real deal. Jim currently serves as a Catholic radio host, pro-life leader, and a public speaker who is willing to go wherever he is called to share the Treasure he has found.  

“I remember a moment in my early twenties standing outside on a bar patio one night, looking out on a street where I’d been a hundred times before with my friends, watching everyone walking up and down, going in and out of bars, and thinking, ‘Is this all there is?’

Something deep within answered back, ‘There’s more.’ And it wasn’t just about drinking and partying, it was about the entire false popular narrative of the world that most of us are born into.

By God’s grace, when I stripped everything back, and finally made a sincere act of faith in God, Jesus pulled me in, introduced me to His Blessed Mother Mary, and led me through a series of powerful encounters with Him in the Sacrament of Confession, the Sacrament of the Eucharist, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, and the Holy Rosary. I was, and remain, thoroughly convinced and convicted that Jesus and His Catholic Church are the real deal worth giving everything for.”

As a public speaker, Jim has been described as passionate, authentic, and able to teach profound truths in a relatable, down-to-Earth way. He is capable of handling any type of audience, but is most fitting for Men’s and Women’s Conferences, Parish Missions/Talks, College Campuses, and Pro-Life Rallies.

Jim is the straightforward, no nonsense host of The Simple Truth, which airs every Monday-Friday from 4-5pm(ET) via The Station of the Cross Catholic Media Network and the iCatholicRadio mobile app with over 350,000 downloads. You can also catch the show on various social media channels and at thestationofthecross.com.

His educational background is in media and theology (B.A. Media Studies - University at Buffalo; M.F.A. Screenwriting - Hollins University; M.A. Theology and Christian Ministry – Franciscan University). Jim has nearly 20 years in the trenches serving various Catholic parishes, schools, and apostolates.

“There’s nothing I love more than doing God’s will and sharing the Treasure I’ve found. Gratefully, I get to share it every day with my wife and our children as I strive to faithfully fulfill my vocation as husband and father. I love the everyday challenge and adventure of taking the next step with Jesus and helping others to do the same. There’s always more.”

Jim has a strong heart for redeeming the family, beginning with redeeming husbands and fathers. He is the author of Top Seven Decisions of Saintly Husbands and Fathers, a resource that offers good, practical examples from the lives of holy husbands and fathers who have been recognized as Saints, Blesseds, Venerables, and Servants of God. You can find it at CatholicFamilyMen.com.

Jim has also been active on the front lines of pro-life work in many facets over many years. Currently, as Co-Founder of The National Men’s March to Abolish Abortion and Rally for Personhood, he is helping to energize and activate all people of goodwill, most especially men,  to push forward to the end of abortion (child killing) by standing up publicly for the personhood of the preborn from conception/fertilization. Learn more at TheMensMarch.com.

Possible Talks Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Men’s Conference Talks:

“Building Up the Warrior Within: Affirming the Existence and Goodness of Masculine Strength”In a world that often ridicules, shames, and seeks to emasculate men on one hand, while also holding out an exaggerated, counterfeit version of masculine strength on the other – men need to understand the true nature and purpose of masculine strength and how to rightly build themselves up in virtue in order to fulfill the true mission they are made for.    

“How to Love Your Wife Well: Reflections on Women and Marriage” - An authentic vision of marriage is not easy to come by in our time. What does it mean to be a good husband? This talk will refresh men in the timeless teachings of Christ and His Church on marriage and provide practical tools for uniquely romancing their wives.

“Top Seven Decisions of Saintly Husbands and Fathers”When you are looking to be the best you can be at something, it makes sense to study the best practices of those who have done it at the highest levels. Did you know there are best practices we can learn from the lives of holy husbands and fathers who have been recognized as Saints, Blesseds, Venerables, and Servants of God? This talk will help men to apply those best practices to their own lives, regardless of where they might be in the process.

Women’s Conference Talks:

“Cultivating the Beauty Within: Affirming the Existence and Goodness of Feminine Beauty”In a world that often uses, abuses, and exploits women on one hand, while also holding out an exaggerated, counterfeit version of feminine beauty on the other – women need to understand the true nature and purpose of feminine beauty and how to rightly build themselves up in virtue in order to fulfill the true mission they are made for.

“How to Love Your Husband Well: Reflections on Men and Marriage”An authentic vision of marriage is not easy to come by in our time. What does it mean to be a good wife? This talk will refresh women in the timeless teachings of Christ and His Church on marriage and provide practical tools for effectively encouraging their husbands in virtue and holiness.

Parish Mission/Talks

“Who Am I and What Am I For?: Answering the Essential Questions to Bring Your Life Into Focus” - This talk hits people where they’re at by raising key questions of identity, purpose, and meaning and then calls them on to better see and live the amazing vision God has for them in Jesus and His Catholic Church.

“The Unvarnished Gospel: Receiving Jesus as He Truly Is” - Many false images of Jesus bombard us in the world and even in the Church. Many exploit Him to sell a false version of the Gospel that actually has the opposite effect of what Jesus intends: enslaving us in sin and self-deception rather than freeing us for a life of holiness and virtue. We need to get honest with ourselves: Am I really seeking to know, love, and serve Jesus as He truly is or am I really going along with a false image of Him? This talk will lift up aspects of Jesus from the Gospels that don’t fit the common misconceptions about Him and will also include strategies for truly getting to know Him better.

“Finding Your Heavenly Father: Coming Home to the Adoptive Family We’re All Made For” - Jesus wants to lead us to “our Father who art in Heaven.” How do we really get to know God as our Father? What happens when we do? This talk prepares the way for coming home to the Family of God whether it’s the first time, a prodigal return, or a continued deepening.

“Come, Holy Spirit: Living the Adventure of Real Missionary Discipleship” - Jesus came that we might “have life to the full” (John 10:10), and this life He shares with us is also a continuation of His joint mission with the Holy Spirit of which we are called to be co-workers. Sound boring? It’s not. This is a deeply fulfilling adventure that will help you to truly make the most of each day, especially in your sufferings, if you truly embrace it. This talk will share the vision and encourage you to plug in.

“Behold Your Mother: How to Receive the Gift of Our Mother Mary” - Jesus shares His mother Mary with us as our mother. Why does He do this and what does it mean for our lives? We might have some hang ups that affect our ability to receive Mary as our Mother and Queen. This talk will address some popular misconceptions about the Blessed Virgin Mary and some common wounds we might carry from our earthly moms in need of redemption.

“The One Thing Necessary: Adoration and Prayer in a Noisy World” - Jesus is the true vine, we are the branches (John 15). Do you have a good, solid, practical plan for advancing in a life of prayer that abides in Him? Prayer is our fundamental battle in this earthly life from which all else flows. This relationship of love and commitment is more opposed by the world, the flesh, and the devil than anything else. This talk will help you to get your mind right and get prepared to more faithfully live “the one thing necessary.”

“The Beauty That Still Remains: Answering the Call Amidst the Crisis” - We have all seen horrible evils, bad examples, and public scandals in the human leadership of the Church. How do we honestly face the reality of those evils, stand with the victims, and at the same time continue to see the beauty of the Church? This talk will help us to understand the nature of the Church, the mess we’re currently in, and how we can help be a solution to the problems we must not ignore.

Youth, Young Adults, and College Campuses

“Vocation, Vocation, Vocation: The Second Biggest Decision You Will Ever Make” - The world’s training can seem good, but apart from the Gospel even good things can lead you astray. What does it mean to discern one’s vocation and why is it important? This talk will help orient the young audience to a vital piece of formation that the world’s training will never include and yet concerns essential decisions that can make or break their young lives.

“Fortified for Victory: Understanding True Identity, Freedom, and Love” - Soaking in a culture of moral relativism, it can be easy to lose one’s grip on reality just by going with the flow. Popular media pushes horrible errors about those things that are the most important to understand and get right: identity, freedom, and love. This talk will expose the madness and help the young audience to fortify themselves for true greatness.

“Pro-Life is Pro-Love: Any Objections?” (best for audiences with both pro-life and pro-abortion people in attendance) - This short talk lays out the pro-life position and allows ample time of Q&A to address all objections and demonstrate that we must firmly, confidently, and charitably go on offense to plant seeds of life that can change hearts and minds in a culture of death.

Pro-Life Presentations, Vigils, and Rallies

“The Pro-Life Movement: Where Do We Go From Here?” - In this talk, Jim shares some of his pro-life personal testimony as he explains where we are, how we got here, and where we need to go in the pro-life movement. Is it possible to truly end abortion (child killing)? And if so, how do we get there?

“Mercy for the Least of These: How to Increase Local Pro-Life Effectiveness” - How do the words of Jesus help orient us to see and rightly respond to the ongoing, daily mass murder of our preborn brothers and sisters? What are the key components of effective local pro-life activity? This talk is ideal for any diocesan or parish community with a desire to truly see and love our neighbors in need.

“Now is the Time: Standing Up for the Constitutional Personhood of the Preborn” - What is “personhood” and how does it apply to the preborn? What is so important about Constitutional Personhood and how can we help our nation to get there? This talk will lift up historical examples to help us better see the moment we are in and how we ought to respond.

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