Jim Bearden

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Jim Bearden

Travels from Austin, Texas

From military officer to corporate executive, Jim Bearden has learned why some people step up and others don't. An advocate for the heroic effort, Jim helps leaders close the gap between what sounds good and what gets done: Jim works with companies to unleash the heroes in your midst. Jim Bearden’s many rich life experiences form the basis for his anecdotes, his humor and, most importantly, the insights he shares to create hero-friendly environments:

• Decorated Viet Nam Veteran: Earned the Bronze Star Medal as a Marine rifle company commander
• Top Sales Producer & Sales Manager of The Raydio Group, increasing sales 23% in 2 years (industry norm is 5%)
• VP of Strategic Development of an international tax consulting corporation: Saving clients over 2 billion dollars
• Founder of his own successful business, Bearden Resource Group: Speaking to over 1500 different audiences since 1988
• Past President of the National Speakers Association, Heart of Texas Chapter
• Author of The Relentless Search for Better Ways, a book about Leadership & Winning, now in it's 3rd printing
• Co-Author of Good Business: Putting Spiritual Principles into Practice at Work
• Spiritual Lay Director: Instituted & facilitates a weekly men's program at his parish for over 125 participants

One of fewer than 500 speakers to earn the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association, Jim has been a professional speaker for 26 years.  During that time he has conducted training and delivered presentations for corporate audiences, trade and professional associations and government agencies in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Jim runs & bikes over 1500 miles a year and has completed 2 marathons despite receiving near fatal injuries in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. He is a licensed pilot, a voracious reader, and by his own admission, a "pretty bad" golfer! Jim has been married 29 years, has 3 children and a granddaughter.

Jim Bearden, CSP, is one of America’s most dynamic, captivating speakers; and with his aggressive follow-up process, he is also a powerful agent for change. 

Workshop Description
For most people in our society, happiness is a situational phenomenon, tied directly to the outside factors in their lives. Our materialistic culture breeds—and relies on—the belief that the quality of our days (our feelings) is determined by the quantity and quality of “stuff” we can purchase.

In this upbeat workshop, Jim Bearden will offer an alternative perspective on the quality of our days based on the things we profess to believe as Catholics. Using plenty of humor and his own experiences on his spiritual path, Jim will offer down-to-earth suggestions for Creating Better DaysRegardless of the Hands You’re Dealt.

Topics Jim Will Cover

Topic #1: “A Tale of Two Perspectives”
“Some days are diamonds; some days are stones.” John Denver sang it, and most of us live it. What determines the quality of your days? We’ll find some answers to that question. More importantly, we’ll come up with an even better question and a liberating answer.

Topic #2: “One ‘Peeve’ at a Time”
How many “bad” days have we suffered through, victims of the “if only(s)…”?
“If only she hadn’t said that”, or “if only I’d done (fill in the blank)”, it would’ve been a better day. We’ll look behind the “if only(s)” and find the true source of their power over the quality of our days. Bring a mirror!

Topic #3: “What You Really Believe”
Wayne Dyer’s book, “You’ll See it When You Believe it” is more than a play on an old saying. It’s the truth. And it’s the truth whether your beliefs are valid or mistaken. We’ll discover that What you see reflects what you believe. Can you believe it?

Topic #4: “Better Beliefs & Better Days”
If you want to correct a recurring problem, you’ll need to do more than treat the symptoms; you’ll have to treat the cause. Having better days is—and always has been—an option for all of us. You’ll develop a process for Creating Better Days,Regardless of the Hands You’re Dealt.

This program is offered in three formats:

  • Short-form (45 – 90 minutes)

  • Long-form (half-day workshops)

  • In combination with other topics for full-day events

A Myth that Keeps on Taking
For most of us, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are now seen as nothing more than childhood myths. Most of us left them behind, and for those who hadn’t before reading this, apologies for hearing that painful news here. But onward…

According to Jim Bearden, there is one myth that, unlike the others, remains in our consciousness and manifests itself in the decisions we make throughout out lives. Jim refers to it as “The Happily Ever After” Myth, and as he sees it, this myth contributes significantly to the gaps between the things we as Catholics profess to believe and the things we do. 

Happiness isn’t the problem
The notion of happiness, much like that of money, causes some confusion. Is it wrong for us to seek happiness? Is money a bad thing? Scripture and a Father of the Church provide answers to both questions, and the answers provide insights on the Happily Ever After Myth:

1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is the root of all evils…”

And St. Augustine seems to answer that question about happiness in his Confessions:
“Without exception we all long for happiness…all agree that they want to be happy.…
They may all search for it in different ways, but all try their hardest to reach the same goal,
that is, joy.”

The real problem
According to Jim, our frantic search for Happily Ever After’s is based on a couple of seriously flawed beliefs:

  • That happiness is an outside-in phenomenon – that things or people cause our happiness

  • That we can find things and people that will not just make us happy, but “happily ever after”

 Those mistaken beliefs lead us to look in the wrong places (out there), for something that isn’t there (Happily Ever After’s).

What you can expect from this program
Taking a light-hearted approach to this immensely powerful topic, Jim will help us recognize the gaps between our behavior in pursuit of happiness, and the things we profess to believe as Catholics.

After exposing the notion of Happily Ever After’s for what it is, a myth, Jim will shed light on the roles we play in creating our happiness or unhappiness and on how our behavior reflects our actual beliefs.

Using plenty of humor and experiences we’ve all had, Jim will provide us with insights and antidotes to Contemporary Idolatry and remind us that Happily Ever After’s Don't Just Happen.

This program is offered in three formats:

  • Short-form (45 – 90 minutes)

  • Long-form (half-day workshops)

  • In combination with other topics for full-day events

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