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Jessica Rey
Jessica Rey
Jessica Rey
Jessica Rey
Jessica Rey
Jessica Rey Catholic Speaker

Travels from Los Angeles, California

Jessica Rey was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and relocated to California with her family at the age of 3.  She was always very focused on her studies and graduated early from high school with top honors.

She went on to receive her BA in Accounting and her MBA in Marketing at a very young age.  Working as an accountant at a television production company, Jessica was drawn into the world of acting.  She worked on several national commercials before landing her role on Disney's Power Rangers: Wild Force, as the "White" Power Ranger.

After wrapping 42 episodes of the popular kids' show, she booked guest-starring roles on Days of Our Lives (NBC), The Young & the Restless (CBS), The Stones (CBS), Las Vegas (NBC), and Rules of Engagement (CBS).  Her most recent role was Lucia on the web series "Hampton High" .
Jessica has spoken to teens and young adults about the virtues of chastity and modesty. She presents the topics in a way that is appealing for youth who want to be in touch with the culture, but in a way that transforms it.  She is also writing a book on modesty, Decent Exposure, and coming out with a line of modest, but beautiful swimsuits (Rey Swimwear).

Jessica's Message and Speech Topics
Jessica gives profound and very impactful speeches on Chastity to men and women alike.  She can address a single or mixed gender audience and can speak to any age range.

With her first-hand experiences of the fashion world in Hollywood, Jessica has seen it all and gives wonderful, insightful talks on modesty and dress.  She usually will address an audience packed with mothers and daughters which leads to very interesting and bonding conversations for them on the drive home.  Jessica's presentation style is unique and entertaining including laughs, skits and video presentations.
Jessica also speaks to newly engaged couples on several topics and is very informed on the topic of N.F.P. (Natural Family Planning), which she is more than happy to educate her audience about.

Jessica's celebrity-status mixed with her timeless message makes her appeal to any audience a complete package.  What sponsors and audiences are saiying about her:

"Of all the speakers we've ever had, Jessica is one of the only 2 on our "must-have" list for the following years (the other being Jesse Romero).  She perfectly balanced the entertainment with all the necessary content and one of the only speakers able to keep the teens' attention the entire time.  Many people approached me after her talk wanting her to come speak at their parish/youth group/confirmation class."  ~Eddie Perez (Petrus Youth)

"Jessica's message and example speaks volumes to young people in our 'anything goes' culture!  Dressing with practically nothing on and engaging in sexual relationships does not lead a person to happiness.  We do not need much to prove this point if we take an honest look around at marriages and family life.  True happiness will only come when we come into a relationship with Christ and bring him into the center of all we are and do.  Jessica shared with the teens the dangers and many problems of living an unchaste life.  She shared her personal experience of marriage and how all marriages lead us to the Cross.  She had a beautiful picture of Jesus on the Cross at the end.  Even though a mystery, the Cross makes everything else make sense.  All our suffering, human condition, struggle in relationships can only make sense in relation to Christ on the Cross!"  ~ (Sister Catherine Marie, OCD)

"Jessica Rey is a very gifted speaker.  She is clear, organized, funny, intelligent, and extremely sincere.  Her words come from her heart and from the wisdom of experience.  Her talk was very effective with young people because she doesn't back down from tough content or the truth they need to hear, but she shows them that she's been right where they are - that she is not above them but is one who has learned from the peaks and valleys of life and is compelled to share the Good News with them.  I would recommend her to any audience of any age.  She is beautiful inside and out because she knows her worth and dignity as a woman made in the image and likeness of God.  Anyone who receives the gift she has to offer is blessed indeed."  ~Margaret Adams (Speaker, Theology of the Body)

Jessica is a beautiful witness to God's plan for love in our relationships.  The Spirit was present and speaking through her!  ~Sister Catherine Marie (Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)

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