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Jerry Caterino Apologetics Bible Clergy New Evangelization Catholic Speaker

Travels from Tappan, New York

Jerry Caterino has given more than 2,000 talks and never “lost” an audience. There is not the slightest doubt that he can reach and move people, which he's done exactly that his entire life. Mark Twain once said, “If you think you’re a leader and you look behind you and no one is following, you’re just out taking a walk.” How does Jerry know he can grab and hold an audience? A thousand people have told him.

Jerry was born and raised a Catholic in the South Bronx with twelve years of Catholic schooling under his belt. While a Sergeant in the Army and later as a Police Officer with NYPD he continued to be a practicing Catholic. So much so that he was the first man asked by his Pastor to enter the Permanent Deaconate program when it was re-instituted.

During Jerry's years as a policeman, he acquired some fame as New York’s Country Cop when the famous Jimmy Dean put him on his ABC-TV nationwide program. Jerry sang under the name of “Jerry James” and had a couple of hit records. After six years with NYPD, he fulfilled his real dream of becoming a proud member of the FDNY from which he retired as a Lieutenant. By then his Catholic Faith had become a definite thing of the past: Not only was he an Evangelical Protestant but after eight years in seminary he was ordained a Minister/Pastor-------who bashed Catholic teaching every chance he got.

Our Blessed Savior, however, was not done with Jerry yet. Through years of study and prayer he saw that our Catholic Faith was indeed the faith of Jesus and the early Church. As a Protestant Pastor, Jerry gave up a lot of material things when he returned to the Church that Jesus founded---but he really could not argue with the Holy Spirit. Jerry is now a Catholic Apologist and speaks to our separated brethren---and way too many “zombie” Catholics---about the beauty and fullness of the Christian faith found only in the Catholic Church.

Jerry and his beautiful wife, Theresa, just celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary.

Talk Topics:

"The Eucharist---Our Precious Gift." - 24 Half-Hour Studies

"The Book Of Acts" - 13 Half-Hour Studies 


"I am grateful I participated in the Eucharist series at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart last year. The sessions were informative and thought provoking, giving me a greater understanding of the history and relevance of the sacrament. You are a knowledgeable, engaging presenter." - Mary Ellen Maley, Conference Attendee

-"Jerry Caterino is a new friend and blessing to our parish, St. John Henry Newman. His love for the Catholic Faith and true Church is both captivating and contagious. Jerry has a wealth of scriptural knowledge, and is thorough in its contextual explanation when teaching. I have personally benefited from his in-person as well as online programs and am now reading scripture daily in a new light. His joy, and love of God is centered in the Blessed Trinity and The Holy Eucharist. I believe his best attribute is his burning desire to reignite the spark of faith in his fellow Catholic Christians." - Mary Dornbush, Conference Attendee

"Over the past year and a half, I’ve had the pleasure of attending Bible classes that Jerry Caterino taught at our parish. Jerry is incredibly knowledgeable about the Bible and our Roman Catholic faith. He is a dynamic and inspirational speaker and teacher and I learned a great deal from him. He always ensures his audience fully understands his teaching and he was able to answer all questions that we posed both about the Bible and our faith with great detail and context. Jerry would be a wonderful speaker with the Catholic Speakers Organization." - Michele Hanebuth, Conference Attendee

"As a Millennial, it is fundamental for me to connect with authenticity through people and experiences. I can sincerely express that being in Jerry’s company is one of the most special encounters because of his authentic approach. His genuinity, honesty and depth are incredible! He is full of the Holy Spirit and God has gifted him with the talent and passion for sharing the Good News. Aside from being remarkably knowledgeable and naturally inspirational, Jerry will profoundly impact your heart and life with the transmission of the Word of God. Anyone who hears him speak will learn and also yearn to know more. We thank God for the blessing to have Jerry in our life and for the generous way he shares the Lord’s mission and outreach with others." - Maria Vanessa, Conference Attendee

"I got to know Rev. Jerry Caterino through the Church of the Nazarene. I've been searching to find my path to God for years and thanks to Pastor Jerry and his preaching I was able see the brighter light at my feet. Pastor Jerry's love for our Lord is so genuine it is impossible not to notice it when he talks about Jesus, faith and Scripture. I love listening to his sermons intertwined with stories of his personal walk with Jesus. Even if our paths separated slightly, I still listen to his sermons and series of teachings online. It is always a joy to walk with Jerry and Jesus. So whoever has a chance to tune in, please give it a try to get to know him." -Greg Maj., Conference Attendee

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