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Jenna Mayo Corporate Catholic Speaker
Jenna Mayo Corporate Speaker Motivational Virtues Catholic Speakers Organization
Jenna Mayo Corporate Speaker Motivational Virtues Catholic Speakers Organization
Jenna Mayo Corporate Speaker Motivational Virtues Catholic Speakers Organization
Jenna Mayo Corporate Speaker Motivational Virtues Catholic Speakers Organization
Jenna Mayo Corporate Speaker Motivational Virtues Catholic Speakers Organization
Jenna Mayo Corporate Catholic Speaker
Jenna Mayo Corporate Catholic Speaker motivational speaker

Travels from St. Louis, Missouri

Accessible | Personable | Proven Process | Fun | Professional Coach

Jenna Mayo is a wife, mom, keynote speaker, professional coach, triathlete, and avid skier. Jenna leads from the stage, phone, and video calls empowering and emboldening individuals to chart their own path guided by their faith.

Specializes in workshops and virtual events via Zoom.

Jenna’s mission: “Teach others how to live the life they dream and not the one they are told they have to live.”

Jenna’s message is focused on invigorating high achievers to live more integrated lives. She has cultivated her skills through more than 2,500 hours of professional coaching individuals across the world. Jenna is well versed in presenting or emceeing in front of all types of audiences, from small church groups to large corporate events and even to international multi-location broadcasted events.

Living into her value pillars of courage, humility, and faith, Jenna invites individuals and audiences to visualize and live out virtue and value in the midst of the chaos of the modern world. When you invite Jenna to speak, you can expect a high-energy, customized presentation geared to appeal to yet challenge any audience.  See an example and feel the difference of what it’s like to meet someone who lives out their faith in such a compelling, joyful, and integrated way.


Creating Catholic Experiences in Motherhood: A 10 part interactive series on tangible ways to create a Catholic family identity before the world gives your children an identity. Led in a coaching style format intentionally focused on creating community through discussion and personal stories. Geared towards parents with school aged children, every mom will walk away with a new clarity in how they choose to raise their children which leads to consistency in parenting (often one of the hardest parts of parenting). 

From Probable to Possible: Who you are today is a culmination of who you've been: the experiences you've had, the lessons you've learned, the words you use to describe those experiences. You pull all of that forward to today, and you see what's probable. Let's have a discussion around what's possible. This is a workshop on how to create your future of possibilities versus on probabilities. We will partner together to begin creating what is possible for your life, not just what is possible. 

Prayer: In the age of information and stimulus overload, learn what it means to ‘pray without ceasing’ and how to align it with your busy lifestyle. Through an interactive discussion, Jenna will guide you in finding creative ways to integrate prayer for you and your family.

The Coach Approach: Learn the art of asking questions and the impact of asking, not telling. Through learning how to bring professional Coaching techniques to your church, family, or business you can discover new ways to invite others to Christ, enhance your communication and parenting skills, improve your leadership at work, and ultimately become a better spouse, parent, friend, colleague, leader, and Catholic.

Creating a Family Identity: Learn how to identify and create “family value pillars”, a small number of virtues or character traits that serve as the foundation of your family life.  Having these established value pillars empower you to raise your children with a strong sense of who they are and an internal belief in God’s plan for them.

Learning to Lean on the Holy Spirit:  Deep down, do you have this nagging feeling that you were meant for more? Do you ever look at your life and think about the fact that there is something bigger that you called to do? Learn how to and the importance of: developing a habit of regular prayer, staying present, creating boundaries to protect your priorities, and identifying what’s truly possible for your life (not just wants probable).  This presentation highlights the necessity of asking for God’s gifts of grace to grow in holiness and shows you how to develop the courage to speak about your faith in any environment.

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