Jeffrey Grabosky

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Jeffrey Grabosky

Travels from Fort Myers, Florida

Jeff Grabosky grew up in New Jersey and earned Finance and Theology degrees at the University of Notre Dame. In 2011, he completed a solo and unsupported 3,700-mile run across America. During this journey, Jeff ran while praying for intentions people sent him from all over the world.

He finished with one of the longest routes in history while averaging more than 30 miles a day over the four-month journey. His book, Running with God Across America, was published in 2012 and details his prayerful journey. Jeff loves the Catholic faith and gives talks about prayer and using our gifts for God's glory. He currently lives in Ave Maria, Florida with his wife, Mary, and four children.

Sports & Faith, 
Youth Speaker,
God in Hardships
Authored Running With God Across America in 2012 and authored a chapter in Across America on Foot in 2020.

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