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Travels from Dallas, Texas

Jeff Schiefelbein is a successful entrepreneur and culture-building expert with a long history of launching and leading businesses that use Catholic Social Teachings to achieve healthy growth and workplace excellence. 

Jeff believes that business leadership is a vocation and that we should utilize our Business as a Blessing. He is passionate about human formation, innovation, and motivational speaking.

Jeff is the co-founder and managing partner for Undivided Life, a strategy and culture consulting firm.  He is also the founder of several other organizations, including:

  • CARPOOL at Texas A&M University - The nation’s largest college safe-ride program

  • 5 – A leading energy advisory and brokerage firm throughout North America

Across his various startups, both nonprofit and for-profit, Jeff has numerous received accolades for culture, growth, innovation, volunteer service, and leadership. Most notably, Jeff received the National Points of Light Award in 2002 and the Texas A&M University Distinguished Young Alumni Award. His companies have also appeared dozens of times on prestigious lists like the INC 5000, Best Places to Work in America, Best Places to Work in Texas, Entrepreneur 360, and more.   

Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Texas A&M University. He serves on several nonprofit boards, including The Highlands School and The Catholic Foundation

Jeff co-hosts a live Catholic radio show on the Guadalupe Radio Network, and a weekly podcast called the BeatiDUDES.

He lives in Coppell, Texas, with his wife Amanda and their seven kids.


Selected Speaking Topics (more available)

  • Living an Undivided Life – The undivided life is countercultural. It is an invitation to live by our priorities in all that we do by placing God at the forefront of everything and then honoring our spouses and family through our thoughts, words, and actions. By being intentional and focusing on our continued growth as sons and daughters of Christ, we can live with magnanimity, authenticity, and joy in every facet of our lives.

  • Making Business Human - It’s time to bring life to work and work to life. By understanding the intersection of strategy and culture, we can create thriving organizations that achieve both profitable growth and workplace excellence. This talk presents the audience with the tools and resources needed to make business human through improvements in mindset, communication, and relationships.

  • A Prayer Challenge for Men – It is easy for men to proclaim they love their family and that they would do anything for them. It is more difficult to face the reality that men are called to a life of virtue and prayer as the leaders in their homes but often find excuses to put those things off for another day. In this talk, Jeff helps men to recapture who they were called to be for their spouses, children, and others.  

  • Leading a Holy Family - – You may have a desire to lead your family in holiness but find it overwhelming to decide what to do next.  In this talk, Jeff provides examples from his own life and others that make these broad concepts accessible while providing practical tools and resources that can be implemented immediately.

  • Workplace Evangelization for the Modern-Day Catholic – Catholics are often unsure of how they can evangelize others in a workplace that may seem hostile to the faith. This fear drives them to “go along to get along,” and they are unsure what other options are available. In this talk, Jeff provides multiple layers and approaches to help Catholics continue growing in their own faith while also providing the invitation and accompaniment that ultimately serves to evangelize others.

  • Business as a Blessing: The Call to Vocation Beyond the Mission Field  – Young adults who are on fire for their faith are often let down when they leave mission work or graduate from school to enter the real world. They need guidance to better understand the meaning of work and the role they are called to play in the daily grind. This talk explores the teachings of the church and spotlights the works of St. Pope John Paul II.  


In his talks, Jeff shares personal stories of triumph and defeat with a unique style that is vulnerable, engaging, and entertaining. Jeff speaks from the heart, creating fertile soil for the Holy Spirit to work on the audience. Anyone who hears Jeff speak is equally inspired and challenged by what they experience. Jeff’s prayer before each talk is for every single person listening to be impacted and moved to action by whatever God is trying to tell them during their time together. 

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