Jeff M. Joaquin

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Jeff M. Joaquin Catholic Speaker Entrepreneur

Travels from Tampa, Florida

National Catholic speaker with a no-nonsense approach that speaks on topics such as abortion, substance abuse, pornography, and workaholism that challenges the audience to enter into a deeper level of awareness and desire for conversion in their life.

A Partial List of Talks is As Follows:(For male or female audiences) 

Mercy Mercy Me(This talk is meant to speak to the often overlooked immensity of God's Mercy)

After traveling the country for the last 4 years sharing his story, Jeff has recognized that he is not the only one that runs from God's Mercy.  He shares a number of amazing stories of people that have come out of the darkness of their past after having been given a permission slip to share their pain.  Guaranteed to transform the audience and force them to never look at the words of the "Our Father" in the same way again...

My Abortion Healing Story(This talk is meant to provide post-abortive healing)
Jeff shares his story of wounds and healing – ultimately, a story of God’s unfathomable mercy. In Jeff’s life, not unlike the King David story, sexual sin led to death. A life conceived in the womb while he was in high school was eliminated for two hundred dollars. Enter into Jeff’s pain and encounter the God of Mercy as Jeff recounts his process of healing and his newfound relationship with his son, Jonathan. 

Prodigal Son Journey(This talk is meant to speak to the issue of addictions and God's Healing)
Jeff shares his story of his youth filled with alcohol, drugs and pornography which led to the decision to take the life of his unborn son in the womb of his girlfriend at 17 years old.  The "Prodigal Son" story doesn't end there, however, but takes you through his conversion story and the resultant life in Christ which gives glory to God for His great mercy  

For The Love of Money(This talk is meant to unpack the Root of All Evil)
This talk walks through the concept of using Charity as the antidote to the deadly sin of Greed in our lives.  Through biblical and real life examples, Jeff unpacks the meaning of the words "It is more blessed to give than to receive" Acts 20:35.  Using examples of charity employed by his business JMJ Site Development, Jeff explains how he has minimized his insatiable desire for success in life by focusing on the needs of others and serving those most in need. 

Success versus Significance(This talk is meant to define success in the life of a Christian)
The world tells us that monetary success and power is the ultimate goal, but the Bible tells us something completely different.  During this talk, Jeff walks through the proper Christian perspective on building eulogy virtues instead of resume virtues and gives real life examples of how success isn't what you achieve in life, but what you inspire others to do.

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