Jason Stellman

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Jason Stellman

Travels from Seattle, Washington

In addition to being a former Presbyterian minister and missionary, Jason Stellman is an author, speaker, and popular blogger who has been teaching Scripture and theology on a regular basis for the past two decades.

His career as a Bible teacher to poor African villagers, European university students, and wealthy American suburbanites has enabled him to communicate deep truths to diverse audiences with credibility and understanding, in ways that are simple, clear, and engaging. He was featured as a keynote speaker with Scott Hahn and Peter Kreeft at the 2013 Defending the Faith conference in Steubenville, OH, and will be appearing on EWTN's "The Journey Home" later this year.

With over 20 years of Protestant pastoral ministry under his belt, Jason is comfortable speaking about a number of topics. Areas of particular expertise and enjoyment include expounding the New Testament and showing how gospel-related issues like the cross, faith, worship, and the sacraments bear upon the everyday lives of Catholics in the twenty-first century. And as a convert, he absolutely loves to explore the issues that separate Catholics and Protestants (since those are the very issues with which he wrestled extensively before resigning his ministry and seeking full communion with the Church).

"Jason Stellman is a committed disciple of Jesus Christ, a fantastic speaker and a man of great integrity who has embraced the Catholic faith at great cost to himself and with inspiring courage.  He is thoughtful, funny, and a serious thinker whom I am proud to call a friend."  – Mark Shea

"The last time I heard Jason Stellman speak, 1,500 people erupted with a standing ovation. They knew what others are quickly learning, that Jason is a true gem. His many years as a preacher, his great erudition, his winsome humor, and his admirable courage and integrity make him the complete package. If you're looking for a speaker to knock the ball out of the park, Jason's your guy." -- Brandon Vogt, author, blogger, speaker

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