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Hugh Blane Catholic Speaker

Travels from Seattle, Washington

Love Deeply, Learn Daily, and Live In Holy Boldness.

Embedded in the Catholic faith is the promise of an extravagant love, unconditional mercy, and an intimacy with Jesus that creates a new heaven on earth. Most Catholics know of these promises, but all too often live their lives based on fear. Not because the promises are untrue, but because the audacity of the promises leave them feeling unworthy of a love of such magnitude.

Hugh Blane knows all to well the fear of not being worthy of God’s extravagant love. Hugh left the church at age 23 and replaced his Catholic faith with a devotion to eastern mysticism and business success. Eastern mysticism was his key to enlightenment and wisdom, and business success was his promise of a flourishing life.

Through Ignatian Spirituality Hugh found his way back not only to the church, but also to the reality that his greatest fears were the jumping off point for God’s promises and that fear had reduced his experience of love and joy as well as his business success by millions of dollars. 

In Hugh's highly personal and practical presentations you will learn how to:

  1. Identify the fears that prevent you from living in Holy Boldness.
  2. Learn a fifteen-minute process that transforms fear into flourishing.
  3. Adopt the Human Flourishing Model at work for accelerated business success. 

His consulting firm, Claris Consulting, is retained by corporate clients such as Marathon Oil, Microsoft, Sony Pictures, Aramark, Spacelabs Medical, Sodexho and Stanford University. His faith-based clients are Providence Health Systems, Pepperdine University, KIROS, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Aronson Security Group, and the Archdiocese of Seattle. In all presentations, Hugh helps participants love deeper, learn daily, and live boldly

Hugh’s specialty is working with high potential employees and was recognized when he was selected as the exclusive coach for the prestigious Helen M. Young Fellowship at Pepperdine University. He is an Adjunct Faculty member at the School of Law and Entrepreneurship at Pepperdine University and has taught business literacy courses to homeless men and women through the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. He has also served as on the Strategic Planning Committee of the Boys and Girls Club. 

Hugh is a serial entrepreneur and doesn’t shy away from reinventing himself. After eleven years as the CEO of his own financial consulting firm, Hugh reinvented himself when he was recruited to join renowned business author Tom Peters as a senior level consultant with The Tom Peters Company. After traveling to three continents, working in seven countries and forty-three states, Hugh left to become the youngest partner and consultant in the venerable consulting firm, the Effectiveness Institute. After seven years, Hugh recognized that it was time to reinvent himself again and started Claris Consulting. 

Hugh and his family emigrated from Scotland to Canada and then to Birmingham Alabama in 1969 to escape financial hardship and begin their lives anew. The culture shock experienced upon his arrival in Birmingham six years after Bull Connor ordered the use of fire hoses and attack dogs, along with the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church was profound. His commitment to organizational transformation came as a direct result of being witness to a chaotic time that changed the course of race relations in the United States. 

Hugh is the author of 7 Principles of Transformational Leadership: Create a Mindset of Passion, Innovation and Growth, and Mastering The Leadership Mindset. He has published over 425 articles and videos on leadership, influence and leadership communication. He is a Leadership Challenge Master Certified Facilitator, an Advanced Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, and a graduate of the Million Dollar Consulting College. 

He is happily married to Alyson and they are parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Burien Washington. They are members of the Seattle Chapter of Legatus, and Hugh has facilitated Ignatian Spirituality classes at his parish for five years. 

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