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Hudson Byblow

Hudson Byblow

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Hudson Byblow Catholic Speaker
Hudson Byblow Catholic Speaker
Hudson Byblow Catholic Speaker
Hudson Byblow Catholic Speaker
Hudson Byblow Catholic Speaker
Hudson Byblow Catholic Speaker
Hudson Byblow Catholic Speaker

Travels from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hudson joyfully shares his testimony of coming home to the Catholic Church - the last place the world taught that he should look. With same-sex attractions and transgender inclinations both being a part of his story, he now shares the joy of the "Yes!" to Christ by via his pursuit of a heart of chastity.

Returned Home, and Now Evangelizing Many

A dynamic witness to the Catholic faith, Hudson Byblow is an international speaker and has consulted for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Jason Evert, LifeTeen, and many other speakers/groups. Recently, he was featured in the DVD series “You: Life, Love and the Theology of the Body” by Ascension Press and was interviewed on the Patrick Coffin Show. Hudson utilizes his skills as a professional teacher along with his love for logic and reason reason to bring to life his testimony to educate all ages and audiences about God’s love, mercy, and truth.

Through years of brokenness, Hudson lived a confused and sinful life. Rather than asking God for help and understanding, he believed the lies of the culture and made some devastating choices. Then one day, he heard a message from a priest that changed everything! Hudson began to uncover the truth of his most basic identity – he is a beloved child of God. This sent him on a relentless mission to discover the fullness of God’s love, which included abandoning deep, negative attachments and building healthy relationships with other Catholics within the Church. The new community radiated a peace, holiness and joy that he craved. Through them, the Holy Spirit cracked open his heart. They brought him to prayer, introduced him to Adoration, and showed him that he was worthy of being loved, and—perhaps mostly—that he belonged.

These people who accompanied Hudson on the journey were true disciples! They radiated peace and joy that Hudson found incredibly desirable. They were humble, vulnerable and peaceful. His heart was filled because of their time and patience, and his confidence as a man was rebuilt and restored. He tasted the love of God like he never had before, within the Catholic Church, the last place the world told him he should look. In the Catholic Church, he found belonging, the greatest love in Jesus Christ, and the greatest joy in pursuing a heart open to growing in the fullness of virtue. And in the Catholic Church, he found the most liberating truth of them all:

“I am enough, for the simple reason that I am His.”

Sharing Important Messages:

Hudson ministers to audiences of all types. Parish mission, confirmation groups, youth ministry, Catholic schools, parents, clergy, and Church leaders. Topics include the following:

  • Coming to know that we are enough in the eyes of God
  • Being open to the possibilities of holy vocation
  • Forgiveness and experiencing the infinite ocean of God’s mercy
  • Understanding the Church not through "rules" but through truths upheld
  • Examining educational and pastoral stratgies

A Speaker for All Audiences:

"I can only thank you for how you’ve helped me immensely to refine my own thinking and speaking. I use your wisdom in every single high school chastity talk." - Jason Evert - Founder of Chastity Project

“His effectiveness is rooted in seeking to touch hearts as much as change minds.” – Patrick Coffin, Host of The Patrick Coffin Show

“His presentations were educational, empowering, and pastorally sensitive to meet young people where they are at and invite them to deeper discipleship.” – Jeff Lockert, President of Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO)

“Hudson is courageously and compassionately addressing this important topic and I’ve learnt much from him.” – Matt Fradd, Founder of The Porn Effect

“Hudson is a dynamic, faithful speaker, and his presentations engage every audience. Our parish is still experiencing fruits from his visit, and we are a better community because of his witness and teaching.” – Jo Holt, Director of Marriage and Family Life, Colorado

“Everything I heard spoke to my heart and reiterated my firm belief that love, a listening ear, and a praying heart are the best ways to approach our brothers and sisters.” – Tienne, Catholic mom

Note: Hudson travels from Canada to the Minneapolis Airport (typically), however the site is not yet designed to have Canadian addresses as an option to choose from.

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