Harley Packer

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Harley Packer Catholic Speaker

Travels from Coaldale Alberta, Canada

By the age of 15, Harley had dropped out of school and alienated himself from his family.  He was abusing drugs and alcohol, in trouble with the law and on the verge of self destruction when a series of events, including the death of his father, helped him to realize there must be more to life. It was at this critical point that he had a life changing experience of God's love and forgiveness.

Since then Harley has obtained a double major in theology and psychology from the FRANCISCAN UNIVERSITY OF STEUBENVILLE in Ohio. He has studied world religions for two years at the University of Saskatchewan. He taught music for ten years and also worked front line with Child and Family Services for ten years. Of all his accomplishments, he is most proud to have become a happy, healthy, grateful family man.

Harley worked front line with the Child and Family Services agency – Family Ties Association – for ten years. During this time Harley's faith gave him the strength and wisdom to support and encourage many adult and youth clients during some of the most difficult struggles of their life. Harley's experience with "at risk" teenagers enables him to offer a unique perspective to youth audiences. Harley's supervisors spoke highly of his ability to develop rapport with his youth clients and help them overcome destructive attitudes and behaviors. In 2012 Family Ties Association presented him with the Starfish Award for "making a difference one person at a time."  Harley draws deeply from his child and family service experience, and the challenges he has faced in his own life to deliver his very own unique style of inspiration.

Harley also inspires with song. Music has always been an integral part of his life and he often enhances his message with music. He writes and records his own material and, over the past 25 years, he has had many opportunities to sing in Catholic high schools and parishes in Canada and the United States. Harley and his wife have led music in their own parish for almost twenty years.

Harley stands on the shoulders of giants like Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine and shines a light on everything true and beautiful that the Catholic Church has held and taught down through the ages. Harley uses vivid stories and songs of faith, hope and love to capture listener's imaginations and entice them with the beauty, majesty, awe and wonder of God and the church. He delivers motivation and inspiration rather than morals and information.  He will stir your imagination with a fresh and intuitive look at the beautiful, timeless truths of the faith. God's great Mercy which is found in the parable of the prodigal son and has recently been highlighted by Pope Francis, is the foundation of his message. Harley's goal is to help listeners overcome fear, anxiety and hopelessness with FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.


Lost and Found: From High School Drop Out to University Graduate
Hear about a journey of faith that took Harley from high school dropout to University Graduate. His story reminds us that no life is ever hopeless and that God the Father is always watching and waiting for prodigal sons and daughters to come home. Harley highlights Pope Francis’ call to a deeper understanding and practice of mercy. 

Coming to Your Senses: Renew Your Mind Renew Your Life
Many have been liberated from the grip of fear, anxiety and hopelessness, even compulsive/addictive behavior, when they learned the powerful way that our thoughts effect the way we feel and act. Ultimately, you can be “transformed by the renewal of your mind”, as Saint Paul says in Romans 12:2.

Coming Home: Remembering Where We Came From
Harley highlights how the church has been, and continues to be, a titanic force for good in our culture. He will help you see beyond life in your parish and understand how the Catholic Church has helped to build western civilization. Harley helps us to remember where we came from and reminds us of the many reasons why we can be proud to call ourselves Catholic.

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