George Wunderlich

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George Wunderlich
George Wunderlich

Travels from Frederick, Maryland

George Wunderlich is currently the Executive Director of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine where he formerly held the position of Director of Education.  George came to Museum in 2000 after moving from Missouri where he was Founder and Director of the Historical Education Center of St. Louis.

In 1995 Mr. Wunderlich was awarded the Daughters of the American Revolution National Medal of Honor for his work in public history. Since then he has developed historically-based medical leadership training programs for the National Park Service, Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute Capstone Symposium, The United State Army Medical Department (AMEDD) the  Interagency Institute for Federal Health Care Executives, the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences  and various other civilian and governmental organizations. He is a nationally known speaker on various Civil War topics and can be regularly seen on the History Channel, PBS, National Geographic and the British Broadcasting Corporation. 
George is also training in the Archdiocese of Baltimore Diaconate Formation Program and hopes to be ordained in 2013.  He has been providing religious programming to groups from Lafayette, Indiana to his home diocese in Maryland on servant leadership, discipleship, management and leadership for clergy and parish staffs, team building in the parish setting and mission based organization building.  He is a regular lecturer at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary where he provides an annual multi-day program for the transitional deacons on pastoral leadership and parish management.   He also leads historical tours of Civil War battlefields and uses their history as modern examples of Christian service.  These tours were originally developed for Mount St. Mary’s but are now being used by parishes and diocesan organizations as part of their adult formation programs. 
Speaking Topics
The New servant Leader:  A deeper look into the meaning of servant leadership and how proper servant  leadership is not a method but a life choice that should be tied to our spiritual development. 

God is Bigger Than a Banjo:  A personal spiritual journey from cradle non-practicing cradle Catholic to a deaconate candidate; all fueled by God’s use of the banjo in my life.  We place limits on God’s power, this lecture looks at just how big God can be when we let Him!

Practical Leadership for Clergy and Parish Staff: A customized interactive workshop that uses proven servant leadership, communication and a mission based strategies to help parishes overcome leadership,  teamwork and other common issues.  Each parish is given a totally customized program to deal with their issues, their mission and their team. 

Storytelling:  Jesus spread  His word by parable and story.  How can we spread His word more effectively in our time?  - the very same way.  Designed for catechists, youth ministers and clergy, this workshop helps bring out the story teller in each of us.   

One Man can Change the World: A motivational talk of the most unusual kind. It is all about a person so insightful, so compassionate,  so service oriented and so mission driven that his efforts directly touch nearly every American life 140 years after his death.  A man so humble that you have likely never heard of him.  A man whose vision is an inspiration and guide for servant leaders around the world.  Would this be of interest?  What if I told you he was a Civil War doctor?  This is a story everyone needs to hear.

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