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George Delgado Catholic Speaker

Travels from San Marcos, California

George Delgado, M.D. is the dynamic, inspiring speaker that you need for your fundraiser or educational program. Dr. Delgado is an expert at explaining pro-life, ethical and end-of-life issues to a very wide range of audiences in a manner understandable and inspiring to all. He has spoken to groups as small as ten and as large as 65,000 people, in a variety of settings. Everyone leaves his talks feeling informed and motivated. He is frequently invited back by groups that host him.

Dr. Delgado is the founder of Abortion Pill Reversal, now a program of Heartbeat International, and is the author or co-author of three articles in the peer-reviewed medical literature that support the use of progesterone for the reversal of mifepristone (RU-486) medical abortions. Under his guidance, more than 400 babies have been saved with the reversal of medical abortions.

Dr. Delgado was awarded the prestigious St. Gianna Molla Pro-Life Person of the Year Award at the 2017 Walk for Life West Coast. At the 2018 Heartbeat International Conference, he was granted a Servant Leader Award. Dr. Delgado has been the keynote speaker at the National Right to Life Conference, most recently at the 2018 conference.

Dr. Delgado completed the one-year Certification Program in Health Care Ethics offered by the National Catholic Bioethics Center. He has a gift of being able to explain complex life issues in an inspiring, positive way that all can understand. Additionally, he is a Natural Family Planning Medical Consultant trained in NaProTECHNOLOGY.

Doctor Delgado is board certified in family medicine as well as hospice and palliative medicine. He also  received the certification by the Hospice Medical Director Board. Dr. Delgado completed his residency at Santa Monica Hospital UCLA and graduated from the University of California, Davis, School of Medicine.

He is available to speak at fundraising, motivational and educational events  on many topics related to pro-life issues, abortion, abortion pill reversal, bioethics, end-of-life issues, physician-assisted suicide (“aid in dying” or “death with dignity’), natural family planning, men’s call to servant leadership and more.

Speaking Topics:

Abortion Pill Reversal: Stopping a Medical Abortion: In a clear, concise and easily understood manner, Dr. Delgado will explain what medical abortion is, how mifepristone (RU-486) works and how we now have the ability, thanks to the research he has spearheaded, to reverse the effects of mifepristone and stop the medical abortion procedure. This pro-life breakthrough is sure to fascinate your audiences and get everyone motivated to do more to protect vulnerable mothers and their preborn babies.

Being There for the Abortion Vulnerable: Dr. Delgado draws on his many years in the pro-life movement to give insights on how to be there for and connect with the abortion vulnerable woman. He will emphasize that all conversions of heart take place in the context of relationships.

Conversion of a Cafeteria Catholic: Dr. Delgado presents his story of conversion from picking and choosing what to follow of the Church’s teachings to being totally committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Humanae vitae played a pivotal role in his conversion.

Humanae Vitae and the Beautiful Truths of Christian Sexual Morality: Dr. Delgado explains the beautiful teachings of the Church and how they can liberate our culture of pleasure and death.

The Abortion Breast Cancer Connection: Dr. Delgado will explore and explain in plain terms the connection between past induced abortions and future risk of breast cancer.

Contraception: Deception and Risks: Dr. Delgado will explore the subtle and not so subtle deceptions inherent to contraception. Additionally, he will review the risks posed by contraception; risks that are ignored or underemphasized by medical practitioners.

Update on Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in the United States: What is the threat to you or loved ones when you are elderly, frail or ill? Which states allow physician-assisted suicide? What is good palliative care and hospice? Dr. Delgado will answer these questions and many more.

Cloning and In Vitro Fertilization: the Other Side of the Contraception Coin: How are in vitro fertilization and contraception similar? Dr. Delgado will explore how both involve man and woman striving to become masters of their reproduction instead of honoring the stewardship roles given by God. Both in vitro fertilization and contraception attempt to separate the unitive aspect of the marital embrace form the procreative aspect.

How to Approach Health Care Decisions From a Christian Perspective: Do you ever wonder how you would react or choose if you were suddenly placed in a pro-life dilemma either at the beginning or end of life? Dr. Delgado will give you a framework so that you are not caught off guard. You will not need to be an ethicist to make good ethical decisions.

Ethical Principles and the Principle of Double Effect Made Easy and Enjoyable: Dr. Delgado will walk you through the ethical principles including autonomy (choosing what you want for yourself) and beneficence (doing the what’s best for yourself and others). Also, he will review the Principal of Double Effect and its correct application in cases like tubal pregnancies and stopping burdensome medical care.

Pro-LIfe Open Forum: Dr. Delgado will answer all the audiences questions and present mini-discussions of topics that present themselves in the course of the session. This is based on the format of Catholic Answers Radio’s Pro-LIfe Open Forum, where he is a regular, frequent guest.

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