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General Michael T. Flynn is a prominent speaker on national security and political issues, known for his fervent patriotism and direct style.

A devout Catholic, Flynn often emphasizes prayer, family values, and faith's role in public life, advocating for America's spiritual and moral foundations.

General Michael T. Flynn is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General with a storied military career and significant roles in intelligence and national security. Flynn's military career spans over three decades, during which he held various leadership positions. He served as the Director of Intelligence for Joint Special Operations Command, where he was credited with revolutionizing the use of intelligence in counterterrorism operations, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From 2012 to 2014, Flynn served as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), where he sought to overhaul the agency to better meet contemporary threats but faced criticism for his management style and strategic direction. Flynn retired from the Army in 2014 and transitioned to the private sector, founding the Flynn Intel Group, which provided intelligence services. His career took a significant turn when he became a prominent supporter of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. After Trump’s victory, Flynn was appointed National Security Advisor in January 2017.

Flynn’s post-military career has included a prominent speaking circuit presence. He addresses national security, intelligence, and political issues at conferences and events across the United States. His speeches are known for their fervent patriotism and calls for government accountability and transparency. Flynn is also a central figure in the conservative movement, frequently speaking at events that align with his political views.

A devout Catholic, Flynn often discusses how his faith has shaped his life and career. He emphasizes the importance of prayer, traditional family values, and the role of religious faith in public life. Flynn advocates for a return to the spiritual and moral foundations that he believes are integral to American society. He has spoken at religious conferences and events, highlighting the intersection of faith and public service. Flynn's ability to connect with audiences through his impassioned and direct communication style continues to make him a prominent figure in both national security and conservative circles.

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