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Gary Michuta Catholic Speaker

Travels from Livonia, Michigan

Gary Michuta is a cradle-Catholic whose confrontation with an anti-Catholic Fundamentalist Baptist back in the 1990s led him on an unexpected journey and discovery of his Catholic Faith. As a result, Gary has helped thousands of Catholics around the world to better understand, explain and defend the Faith through information-packed talks, books, radio and television appearances, and public debates. Gary's talks focus on giving an entertaining and in-depth presentation that meets the needs of his audience. Whether it is how to explain Marian doctrines in a way that Protestants will understand or how Catholic parents can protect their children from non-Catholic "sheep stealers," everyone will walk away with something they can use.


Gary founded and ran a non-profit 401(c)(3) organization called, Thy Faith, Inc. (1991-2003), which was a lay-run ministry designed to help promote Catholic apologetics and evangelism. He also was the contributing editor to its bi-monthly magazine, Hands On Apologetics (1991-1997).


He has authored several books on defending the Faith such as Hostile Witnesses: How the Historic Enemies of the Church Prove Christianity (Catholic Answers Press, 2016); Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger: The Untold Story of the Lost Books of the Protestant Bible (Nikaria Press, 2007, Catholic Answers Press, 2nd ed. 2017); Making Sense of Mary (Nikaria Press, 2013); How to Wolf-proof Your Kids: A Parent's Guide to Keeping Your Kids Catholic (Nikaria Press, 2009); The Case for the Deuterocanon: Evidence and Arguments (Nikaria Press, 2016); and The Gospel According to James McCarthy: A Catholic Answer to James McCarthy's "The Gospel According to Rome" (Nikaria, 2003).

In addition to his books, Gary also writes a bi-weekly column for the Michigan Catholic Newspaper (2014-present) in which he received the 2015 Catholic Press Association Award for "Best Regular Column: Scripture." He has also contributed articles to such notable magazines as The Catholic Answer (OSV), This Rock, Envoy Magazine, and Credo Newspaper (Ann Arbor). He was the director of apologetics for the Eastern Churches Re-Evangelization Center (ECRC) (2005-2014) and currently on the advisory board of St. Paul Street Evangelization and he teaches apologetics online for Middle School and High School age homeschoolers for Home School Connections (2010 - present). 

Over the years, Gary has appeared several nationally known television shows (EWTN Live, The Journey Home) and radio programs (Catholic Answers Live (EWTN), Kresta in the Afternoon (AMR/EWTN), Catholic Connections with Teresa Tomeo (AMR/EWTN), Morning Glory with Brian Patrick (EWTN), The Son Rise Morning Show (Sacred Heart Radio/EWTN), Discerning Hearts with Kris McGregor (Holy Spirit Radio), Deep in Scripture (EWTN), and Searching the Word (Relevant Radio)), as well as dozens of others local shows throughout the United States.

His most popular talk topics are:

Does Your Bible Have All Its Books? - A fascinating presentation about why Protestant bibles are missing seven Old Testament books that are included in Catholic and Orthodox bibles. It also explains where we got the Bible and why such writings as the "The Gospel of Thomas" and the "Gospel of Judas" never were included.

Making Sense of Mary - A unique talk, based on his book by the same name, that is designed to help Catholics and non-Catholics understand Mary's important biblical role in God's perfect plan of redemption.

Hostile Witnesses: How the Enemies of the Church Prove Christianity - By using the writings of the enemies of the Church, this talk shows that even they recognized the supernatural reality of Christ and his Church down through the ages. This is a great talk to help combat the skepticism raised by the "new atheism."

How to Wolf-proof Your Kids - Is it possible to stop "sheep-stealers" from pulling your child out of the Church? You better believe it. In this talk, Gary will provide parents with tips and suggestion to help guard their children from these "wolves in sheep clothing." Very popular with homeschooling and Catholic parenting conferences.

Making Sense of Sacrifice and the Mass - Did you ever hear the question, "Why should I go to Mass I can pray at home?" This talk answers that question and others like it questions by showing how the ABCs of sacrifice explains why the Holy Mass is necessary for all Christians.

The Anatomy of Miracles - This presentation (which includes Power Point) takes a look at two miracles (the miraculous healing of a broken leg in Belgium and the Eucharistic miracle of Lanchiano) and the scientific investigations behind them.

Calling Your Loved One Back Home - Everyone has had a loved one (or knows of someone) who has left the Church for one reason or another. This talk provides information for each individual to construct a game plan, restart closed conversations, and ultimately help bring your friends and loved ones back to the Church.

Other talks are also available.

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