Evan Lemoine

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Evan Lemoine
Evan Lemoine Catholic Speaker

Travels from Corpus Christi, Texas

Evan Lemoine, born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an expert on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, was drawn to Mexico in 2004 to discern a possible vocation to the consecrated life. As a missionary there, he began to teach the Theology of the Body full time around the country and throughout the Spanish-speaking world. After 8 years of vocational discernment, he found his call to marriage, and boarded a plane to Philadelphia to continue his formation in the Theology of the Body Institute, and there, in the Philadelphia Airport, met his wife, María Fernanda Gómez Solórzano. Both Evan and his wife shared the calling to dedicate their lives to studying and spreading the Theology of the Body throughout the world, and together founded the Amar al Máximo Institute in 2013.

Evan has been studying the Theology of the Body since 2002, when this deep and transformative teaching on human love and sexuality changed his life forever. He is a graduate in the Masters Program on Marriage and Family in the John Paul II Institute in Mexico City, where he was later a post-grad professor. He is also a graduate from the Theology of the Body Institute in Philadelphia, where he has specialized on the vision and teachings of John Paul II. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Louisiana State University with a Minor in Psychology, and a Masters in Humanities from the Anahuac University in Mexico City. He has worked for the past 14 years working with youth and adults in Mexico and throughout the Spanish-speaking world, having given thousands of conferences and courses in local, regional and national events. He was a keynote speaker for the Spanish track at the past two Theology of the Body Congresses. He has given the Spanish track alongside Christopher West on several occasions with the COR Project.

He is presently teaching an online Theology of the Body course in Spanish through the University of Dallas, and is the founder and main Speaker of the Theology of the Body Specialization Program in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. He has a compelling ability to reach the heart of his audiences and bring the elevated teachings of John Paul II down to Earth and apply them to the daily life of both youth and adults. He is not only bilingual (Spanish and English) but also bi-cultural, thanks to his upbringing in Louisiana and his 14 years living in Mexico.

Speaking Topics:

Topic 1: “Amor, Sexo y Dios”

(“Love, Sex and God”)

Audience: It can be adapted to adolescents, youth, young adults and/or adults.

Descripción: Una visión panorámica de la sexualidad, por qué fuimos creados varón y mujer, y cómo evitar la versión pirata del amor y la sexualidad y encontrar una manera de vivirla plenamente según el plan original de Dios. Esta conferencia se puede dar con o sin testimonio personal.

Description: A panoramic vision of sexuality, why we were created male and female, and how to avoid the counterfeit version of love and sexuality and find the way to live it fully according to God’s original plan. This conference can be given with or without personal testimony.

Topic 2: “Amor sin Barreras”

(“Love without Walls”)

Audience: Can be adapted to youth, young adults and/or adults.

Descripción: Estar juntos no es lo mismo que estar unidos. Muchas parejas a lo mejor están el uno al lado del otro, como agua y aceite, pero todavía se sienten atrapadas en la soledad. Si queremos alcanzar la comunión de amor en nuestra vida de pareja o en nuestra vida espiritual, tenemos que superar varias barreras. En esta conferencia hablaremos de los cinco muros principales que no nos permiten alcanzar la comunión de amor, y los medios para superarlos.

Description: Being next to someone is not the same as being united to someone. Many couples may be next to each other, like water and oil, but they still feel trapped in loneliness. If we want to reach the communion of love in our relationships or in our spiritual life, we have to overcome several walls and obstacles. Here we will talk about the five main walls that separate us from the communion of love, and the means to overcome them.

Topic 3: “Vivir y Transmitir una Sexualidad Plena”

(“Live and Transmit a Full Sexuality”)

Audience: Married Adults (There is a version of this talk adapted to adolescents and youth called “Your Body Talks/Tu Cuerpo Habla”)

Descripción: Esta es una introducción a la Teología del Cuerpo aplicada a la vivencia plena de la comunión de amor en la vocación matrimonial. Es la receta que ofrece Dios para la intimidad conyugal. Y veremos que, al vivir el plan de Dios sobre la sexualidad, no solo creceremos en la felicidad matrimonial, sino que también será más fácil transmitir esta visión a los hijos.

Description: This is an introduction to the Theology of the Body applied to living out fully the communion of love in the married vocation. It is the recipe that God offers us for conjugal intimacy. And we will see that, by living out God´s plan for sexuality, not only will we grow in marital happiness, but it will also grow easier to transmit this vision to our children.

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