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Ernie Bono
Ernie Bono

Travels from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

At just five feet tall, Ernie Bono has been told his whole life that he would fail because he was too short. Ernie has used this challenge as a great source of motivation and fought with all his power to prove people wrong. It all started when the 5’1’’, 140 pound running back received a football scholarship to Cheyney State, one of the oldest Historically Black Colleges in America.

From there, he rose through the ranks of the Prudential Insurance Company eventually becoming one of the youngest vice presidents in company history. 

Following retirement as Managing Director of Prudential Select in 1995 at the age of 47, Ernie has devoted his days to family, friends and church ministry.  For the last 5 years, he has traveled the country speaking to various conference and parishes on a variety of topics including Stewardship and The Balanced Catholic Life and has been a featured guest on several Catholic Radio Stations. In that time, he has also published a book titled, There Are No Shortcuts: Enjoying the Balance of Faith, Family and Career. It details his life experiences from his childhood days growing up in the tough “Devil’s Pocket” neighborhood of 1950’s Philadelphia to his career as an executive with Prudential Insurance and how God has been there every step of the way. 

In addition to Ernie’s travel schedule, he is a Knight of Malta, Jacksonville Chapter as well as a member of the special planning committee for the Bishop of St. Augustine (FL) Diocese and is a board member for Catholic Charities. He also serves as the Stewardship Ambassador for Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. As a member of the Board of Directors for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation, Ernie has helped raise over 5 million dollars to help area families who have been stricken with childhood cancers. He spends his Fridays cooking and serving at the St. Francis Soup Kitchen in downtown Jacksonville.

Ernie has also put his business knowledge to use consulting with such companies as: Fidelity National, Acosta Sales and Marketing, Pine Ridge TV, and Rug Décor. He has helped all of these companies improve and grow.

Who is Ernie Bono?

“Ernie Bono represents all that is good in America: hard work, focus, self-discipline, pride in heritage and big dreams….Life can be harsh, success can be fickle, and adversity slams into us when we least expect it…The true test of a man is how strong his beliefs are in the face of adversity.”
    -- Tom Coughlin, Super Bowl winning Head Coach, New York Giants

“Ernie has a wonderful story to tell which is faith focused on a true Italian in whom there is no guile.”
-- Most Rev. Victor Galeone, Bishop of the Diocese of Saint Augustine, FL

“Ernie is a man of his beliefs…..holding firm to the old Italian foundations of the family…Ernie’s growth as a respected member of the management team is spectacular..but let him tell the story. There is magic in life insurance and those whose practice it well. Ernie is a magician.”
  -- Bill Nash, Former president, South Central Operations, Prudential Insurance Comp
Spiritual Topics:

Stewardship: Time, Talent and Treasure

The Balanced Catholic Life

The ability to understand the current environment and relate it to a Christian life

Team Building: The way Christ would build his apostleship

Motivation: A real tool to helping us live a Christ centered life

Financial planning that make common sense to young couples (Pre-Cana)

Business Topics:Psychology of a Sales person: selling in these troubled times

Impacting Your Bottom Line

Restructuring Your


Sales Call Reluctance

Brand Development: Marketing your products the right way

Detailed descriptions are available. However, Ernie prefers to custom fit his presentation to your particular event. If you do not see at topic which interests you, let him know and he can easily develop a customized presentation for you or your group.

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