Eric Szatkowski

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Eric Szatkowski Internet Safety Pornography Youth Speaker Catholic Speakers Organization
Eric Szatkowski Internet Safety Pornography Youth Speaker Catholic Speakers Organization
Eric Szatkowski Internet Safety Pornography Youth Speaker Catholic Speakers Organization

Travels from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Eric is dedicated to protecting children from predators, pedophiles, pornographers, sex traffickers, and bullies.  Currently a hopsital chaplain, he is also a retired Special Agent who served with the Wisconsin Department of Justice/ Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) for 24 years, 16 assigned to the state’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force in Milwaukee.  He was recognized as the Wisconsin Attorney General Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in 2014, and selected as a Special Agent-in-Charge in 2015.  Eric's law enforcement experience also included undercover murder-for-hire, homicide, cold-case homicides, tracking fugitives, and drug enforcement.

Eric's dynamic presentations, attended by more than 300,000 people from Wisconsin and the U.S., use real life examples to take an in-depth look into the latest trends of digital exploitation of children and a comprehensive approach to Internet safety. All programs for youth are age-appropriate, designed for 4th-5th graders, 6th-8th graders, high school students, and/or the most-requested parents/adults-only program, "The Dark Side of Cyberspace: the Internet, Smart Phones, and Social Media." 

Eric emphasizes that while while digital technology offers a world of communication, education, and entertainment options for our youth, it also has a very dark and dangerous side we must be aware of. This hard-hitting presentation takes an in-depth look at the cyber exploitation of children, and how it is facilitated by addictive social media, unenforced regulations, and the culture. A must see for parents or any professional interested in the safety and well-being of our children while online or using their phones, tablets, or gaming systems. Eric reinforces his message with specific examples of how predators use every platform and device used by our kids to take advantage of them. Eric shares idea on how to help prevent our kids from being hurt, and how to respond when something happens. 

Attendees will learn techniques used by predators, the types of kids who are most vulnerable, and the link between the growing victimization of children, pornography and the sexualized culture. Topics include the latest on potential dangers of social networking sites and apps, decoy apps, as well as disturbing trends of sexting, cyber bullying, and webcam exploitation.  

Eric's unabashed practical advice on Internet saftey comes from both a law enforcement and family perspective. Married for almost 40 years, he and his wife helped raise their own kids in a digital-world minefield.  Parents will learn how to work together with their kids when it comes to being safe in all online environments, and be motvated to raise children in a safe, loving AND high-tech environment.  Students will learn not only about the dangers of cyberspace, but why it's important to be RESPECTFUL with technology, and to better understand why parents and school staff sometimes need to be "overprotective" when it comes to digital technology. Open lines of communication are stressed for both parents and students. 

Eric's audiences have included parents, public/parochial middle school and high school students, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, child welfare advocates, correctional and social workers, civic groups, business professionals, doctors, and countless other groups dedicated to helping children. 

During his law enforcement career, Eric was responsible for the arrest of approximately 200 suspects from Wisconsin and around the country, many of whom traveled various distances to have sex with what they believed to be an underage boy or girl.  Eric’s arrests also include those who sexually assault children, distribute, possess, and/or produce child pornography, expose children to harmful materials, or engage in child sex trafficking.  

He has been a guest on the Tyra Banks Show in Los Angeles, and CNN Tonight in New York City.  Eric has also appeared on “Living Our Faith” with then-Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan, The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio, and has been interviewed by countless newspapers, radio and television stations across Wisconsin and the Midwest.  Some of Eric’s cases have been featured in national media outlets including Cold Case Files with Bill Kurtis, People Magazine, and MSNBC Investigates.  Eric’s work has been recognized by many organizations, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Department of Justice, and the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators. 

Before his law enforcement career, Eric spent seven years in broadcast journalism.  He was a news reporter, anchor and producer, working at TV stations in Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, and Madison, Eric graduated with honors in 1983 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication.  Eric also earned a Masters in Christian Doctrine in 2014 from Marquette University.   He is currently a part-time hospital chaplain, continuing to work with families and kids by providing spiritual care to those facing illness, injuries, suffering, and death. 

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