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Ed speaking at Christ the King Church

Travels from Kansas City, Missouri

Ed Van Buskirk feels called to combat the deception and confusion of the world, Ed sold his successful IT company in 2017 and dedicated his new career to his ministry. Ed has a passion for sharing how the Commandments are vital for children, families and all of society to avoid the chaos, confusion and division of our world and how the Commandments. Using personal stories and anecdotes, Ed is very effective in explaining how the Commandments are relevant for all walks of life and how they pave the way for authentic freedom and joy.


As a cradle Catholic, husband and father and very active at church since being an altar boy, Ed felt he had a good grasp of his faith. However, at age 47 he discovered he really didn’t know something very basic and foundational about his faith. The Ten Commandments. This was a defining moment in his life and it set him on an exciting journey to re-discover the Commandments and all the authentic freedom and abundant joy they offer. In 2018, Ed left his career in Information Technology and founded If U Love Me, a Catholic apostolate dedicated to restoring the much forgotten truth and timeless wisdom of God’s Ten Commandments.


Ed is the author and producer of the “God’s Recipe for a Wonderful Life” book and video study of the Commandments, which have been given an Imprimatur by Bishop, James V. Johnston Jr. of the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese. Ed also created “God’s Recipe for School and Family.” A program for children and their families to learn and live the Commandments.  


Ed speaks across the country at parishes, conferences, retreats and business events providing audiences a fresh perspective of the Ten Commandments, not as a list of obsolete and restrictive rules, but as a gift from a loving God to liberate us from the struggles of everyday life.


"I like the fresh perspective that Ed brought to the 10 Commandments and how he explained how vital the Commandments are for families and all of society." Deacon Joe Zagar – St. Robert Bellarmine Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO


"Ed was very effective in keeping everyone engaged as he led everyone to reflect on how to live the commandments more closely in our daily lives." Lorie Sage, Manager, Office of Divine Worship, Eucharistic Congress Director, Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO


"Not everyone has a gift to communicate their faith. Ed has a natural gift." — Dr. Greg Thompson, Marian Conference Organizer, Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO 


Ed is a regular contributor to Catholic Exchange and his articles have been featured in National Catholic Register’s , Best in Catholic Blogging. Ed brings the Ten Commandments to life for a variety of audiences showing how the Commandments are relevant in every aspect of life. Here are just a handful of the many talks that Ed gives, showing how relevent the Commandments are in everyday life and how foundational they are to Catholic Catechesis.   


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Truth: God's Gift for Today's Families

Spiritual Pruning for a Spiritual Springtime: Be Reconciled with God through His Commandments 

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