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Dr. Ray Guarendi Catholic Speaker
Dr. Ray Guarendi
Dr. Ray Guarendi Catholic Speaker

Travels from Akron, Ohio

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Dr. Ray Guarendi is a father of 10, clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and radio host. His radio shows "On Call™ with Dr. Ray and Friends" and "The Doctor Is In" can be heard weekdays. Please see our radio affiliate listings (Ave Maria Radio, EWTN radio & Relevant radio) for a station in your area. You can also listen live online or on Sirius satellite radio, channel 160.  Dr. Ray's experience includes school districts, Head Start programs, mental health centers, substance abuse programs, inpatient psychiatric centers, juvenile courts, and a private practice.

Dr. Ray has been a regular guest on national radio and television, including Oprah, Joan Rivers, Scott Ross Prime Time, 700 Club, Gordon Elliot, and CBS This Morning. He's appeared on regional radio and television shows in over 40 states and Canada. He has been the program psychologist for Cleveland's Morning Exchange, Pittsburgh 2-Day, and AM Indiana. He has written several books, including Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime, You’re a Better Parent Than You Think!, now in its twenty-fifth printing, Back to the Family, and his newest book, Good Discipline, Great Teens.


''Dr. Ray Guarendi is one of the most effective speakers I have seen in the past few years. If you want to enjoy, learn and laugh ... while getting a better 'handle' on your role as a parent or teacher, don't miss this exciting speaker.'' - Mike Frank, C.S.F.1980 Pres., National Speakers Association
"The reception and appreciation of Dr. Guarendi's presentation by this well-educated audience can only be described as remarkable ... The enthusiasm presented by this man provides his audience with an unforgettable experience ... Truly, someone to be heard." - Dr Harold R. Walker, Ohio School Boards Association

'These adjectives come to mind after hearing Ray Guarendi speak: Dynamic, innovative, unforgettable, humorous. He reaches people personally." - 
Jay Paris. Sr. Editor Ohio Magazine

"It has been several years since I have received as many requests for a repeat performance by a speaker as I did after your session."
 - Pat Waddell, Assn Director Indiana Association of Rehabilitation Services

"Outstanding ... energetic ... highly recommend."
 - Tom Nelms, Prog. Planner AT&T Network Systems

Speaking Topics: 
Thousands of state and local organizations, hospitals, service boards, church groups and school organizations throughout the country, including faculty, administrators, and supervisors, have been addressed with these messages:

You're a Better Parent Than You Think! 
You're a Better Teacher Than You Think!
Parents, teachers and anyone who works with children today are having their confidence, peace of mind, and authority undercut by a number of widespread myths that have been pushed upon them by the experts, the media and almost everybody else. Victimized by these false notions, many parents and educators are plagued by groundless worry, guilt and frustration. This presentation identifies several of the most pervasive of these myths. Alternative titles for this presentation are:
    •    Standing Strong
    •    Laughter: The Sanity of Family
    •    Laughter: The Sanity of Discipline

Back to the Family
Back to the Family presents the results of a three-year, national search for strong families. It reveals those characteristics most common to strong families as well as the struggles and difficulties most families face. The results will reinforce some traditional ideas about family life while offering some reassuring surprises.

Lessons for Life from Children
Children are consummate teachers about life. Their lessons are innocently straightforward, yet hard-hitting. Any grownup, be he/she a parent or former child, will personally relate to these lessons for life. This presentation will leave grownups a little more grown-up, and happier for it.

All four presentations are packed with humor and real-life examples. They will leave their audience laughing, feeling emotionally upbeat and much more self-confident. Plenty of practical ideas will be offered for dealing with children more calmly and easily. Content and examples will be tailored to fit the audience.

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