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Dr. Ray Guarendi Catholic Speaker
Dr. Ray Guarendi Catholic Speaker
Dr. Ray Guarendi Catholic Speaker
Dr. Ray Guarendi Catholic Speaker
Dr. Ray Guarendi Catholic Speaker
Dr. Ray Guarendi Catholic Speaker
Dr. Ray Guarendi Catholic Speaker

Travels from Akron, Ohio

Dr. Ray Guarendi is a Catholic father of ten, clinical psychologist, author, professional speaker, and national radio & television host. His radio show, “The Dr. Is In” can be heard on over 440 stations and SiriusXM® channel 130. His EWTN television series, “Living Right With Dr. Ray” is aired in 142 countries. Dr. Ray has given over 3,000 talks on various topics including parenting, marriage, family and the Catholic faith. He captivates audiences with his compelling humor-laced presentations providing practical advice and proven techniques.

A clinical psychologist for over 40 years, Dr. Ray has a wide variety of experience working with parents, families, educators, substance abuse programs, in-patient psychiatric centers, juvenile courts, and private practice. He has witnessed the common time-tested factors that consistently contribute to success in marriages and families. As a practicing catholic, Dr. Ray’s in-depth experience has led to his discovery that the so-called “experts” are undermining parental authority and preventing parents from following their God-given instincts to raise their kids for Heaven. This guiding principle led him to write his first best-selling book, You’re A Better Parent Than You Think. By putting the power, knowledge and authority back in to the hands of parents, Dr. Ray has helped thousands eliminate parenting frustrations by replacing them with proven parenting techniques that result in happy, well-adjusted children. Throughout his vocation and career, he has expanded on this theme to empower families to confidently take charge of the many challenges that arise with respect to marriages, families, raising teenagers and more. Other book titles of Dr. Ray’s include: Good Discipline, Great Teens; Back to the Family; Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime; Winning the Discipline Debates; Adoption and Fighting Mad.

In addition to the Parenting and Family genre, Dr. Ray speaks on many topics concerning the Catholic faith. As an adult “revert,” he has written and spoken extensively on Catholic Apologetics. His ecclesiastically approved books, What Catholics Really Believe and Why Be Catholic are a basis for many of his presentations designed to help Catholics understand and defend the wisdom and beauty of the one, true faith.  His book, When Faith Causes Family Friction, addresses many issues of faith that are surprisingly common causes of division among family members and relatives. 


''Dr. Ray Guarendi is one of the most effective speakers I have seen in the past few years. If you want to enjoy, learn and laugh ... while getting a better 'handle' on your role as a parent or teacher, don't miss this exciting speaker.'' - Mike Frank, C.S.F., Former President National Speakers Association

"The reception and appreciation of Dr. Guarendi's presentation by this well-educated audience can only be described as remarkable ... The enthusiasm presented by this man provides his audience with an unforgettable experience ... Truly, someone to be heard." - Dr Harold R. Walker, Ohio School Boards Association

Speaking Topics: 

Dr. Ray has given over 3,000 presentations to audiences around the country on the topics below. Additionally, he will customize his talks to meet the specific needs of your audience. Dr. Ray is committed to collarborating with you to make your event as successful as possible. 

You're a Better Parent Than You Think! 
You're a Better Teacher Than You Think!
Parents, teachers and anyone who works with children today are having their confidence, peace of mind, and authority undercut by a number of widespread myths that have been pushed upon them by the experts, the media and almost everybody else. Victimized by these false notions, many parents and educators are plagued by groundless worry, guilt and frustration. This presentation identifies several of the most pervasive of these myths. Alternative titles for this presentation are:

  • Standing Strong
  • Laughter: The Sanity of Family
  • Laughter: The Sanity of Discipline

What Catholics Really Believe: A Catholic Apologetic talk, designed to help you understand and defend the wisdom and beauty of the one, true faith

Back to the Family
Back to the Family presents the results of a three-year, national search for strong families. It reveals those characteristics most common to strong families as well as the struggles and difficulties most families face. The results will reinforce some traditional ideas about family life while offering some reassuring surprises.

And much, much more...

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