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Dr. Paul Tucker Catholic Speaker

Travels from Austin, Texas

Do you want to be a winner? Do you want your kids, your spouse, your business associates to be winners? Is it even ok anymore to want to be a winner? I believe that God’s answer to that is YES! My goal is to help you WIN, utilizing your faith as God wills it to achieve the extraordinary!

My name is Paul Tucker, I’m 57 years old, and I want to help you to succeed.

I am an Interventional Cardiologist by profession, have been married since age 20 to Michelle (36 years), have 3 extremely successful children, and am blessed to have a very close group of friends that share my values and beliefs.

I grew up in Houston, Texas, went to public school, the University of Texas, Baylor College of Medicine, Residency and fellowship in Houston at St. Luke’s and Methodist and all the Baylor affiliated hospitals.

My wife, Michelle, and I married at age 21 and 20, respectively. We have 3 grown children, Nicole, Justin and Samantha.

Michelle is a professional photographer, specializing in sports, family and individual portraits, business headshots and real estate photography, as well as weddings/bridal/engagement photos.

Nicole is 32, is married and a very successful real estate agent in uber-competitive Austin.

Justin is 29 and is married to Amanda with one child, our grandson, Easton. Justin is in his 8th year with the Baltimore Ravens, has won a Super Bowl, has been to 2 pro bowls, has won First Team All-Pro honors multiple times and is the most accurate placekicker in NFL history.

Samantha is 27, is in a serious relationship, and is a former high school Texas 6A 11 time gold medalist swimmer, multiple time High School All American, World Youth Games Gold Medalist, and multiple time UT All American. She still has records over 10 years old that have not been broken in the state of Texas. Samantha currently manages Perspire Sauna Studios in Austin and also teaches Row and Triathletes. 

As for me, I have had a very successful cardiology career in Austin. I’m honored to have been named a Texas Monthly Super Doctor 15 times and am a legacy member in the Super Doctor Hall of Fame. Currently, in addition to taking care of patients, I serve as Chief of Cardiology and Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center. We see more trauma and heart attacks than any other hospital in central Texas. 

If you want to learn the secrets of my family’s success, and learn how we WIN, then invite me to speak at your function! It WILL be worth your time.

Speaking Topics:

1. Raising your children to be  successful

2. Overcoming obstacles professionally

3. Keeping your faith in adversity

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