Dr. Pat Castle

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Dr. Pat Castle Catholic Speaker
Dr. Pat Castle Catholic Speaker

Travels from Omaha, Nebraska

Dr. Pat is an inspiring and unifying force for Pro-Life through faith, activism, courts, education.  Dr. Pat serves as the president of the largest Pro-Life team in the world, LIFE Runners, which he founded after a personal encounter with St. Padre Pio.

LIFE Runners has over 15,000 teammates, ages .1 to 101 in 2,553 cities worldwide, running optional.  Teammates wear bold blue "REMEMBER The Unborn" jerseys for school, work, church, fitness, leisure, everywhere, as a public witness to impact hearts and minds for saving lives.  Pat co-founded the national Law of Life Summit, served as a pregnancy help center board chairman, and is the research adviser for Sidewalk Advocates for Life.  He completed the Notre Dame Vita Institute and is a 4th degree Knight.  Pat directed Bible study groups, youth retreats, Engaged Encounter weekends, and Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults programs.  "All In Christ for Pro-Life!"

Pat grew up in Sioux Falls and graduated from the Air Force Academy.  He earned a PhD in nano-analytical chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana.  Pat did ten military assignments, including the Weapons of Mass Destruction defense officer at the base closest to Osama bin Laden on Sep 11th.  He briefed Generals and members of Congress.  While an Air Force Academy chemistry professor, Dr. Pat developed the ethics curriculum and coached the marathon team.  He raced 21 marathons including Boston, Pikes Peak (17th) and Great Wall of China (silver medal).  Since retiring as a medical squadron commander, he taught high school chemistry, served as an industry executive, and now he speaks across America. Pat, Angi, and daughters live in Omaha. 

“Dr. Pat has inspired thousands to be heroically Pro-Life!”

* “Encouraging Life in Vulnerable Times”
* “Living Pro-Life with Heroic Virtue”
* “FACE it:  Faith, Activism, Courts, Education”
* “How to be a Pro-Life Champion!”

* “Reaching abortion bound mothers and fathers”
* “Top 10 reasons abortions are lowest since Roe”
* “Real Healthcare, Supporting Life at All Stages”
* “Defending Schools, Pro-Life is Pro-Science”

* “Meeting St. Pio, preventing & healing abortion”
* “Pro-Life Apologetics, converting hearts & minds.”
* “Being All In Christ for Pro-Life!”

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