Alex "Dr. G" Gotay, MTh, MPhil, DMin

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Alex Gotay New Evangelization Theology Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Alex Gotay New Evangelization Theology Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Alex Gotay New Evangelization Theology Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Alex Gotay New Evangelization Theology Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Alex Gotay New Evangelization Theology Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Alex Gotay New Evangelization Theology Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker

Travels from Houston, Texas

Dr. Alex Gotay, “Dr. G,” is a dynamic, national teen and young adult speaker who uses his unique perspective and combines it with his passion, humor, creativity, and stories to communicate the good news in a way that connects with ALL teens, young adults and adults! His passion for his faith, being raised in a multicultural home and his experiences in life allows him to address the culture’s many ailments from a unique perspective! He is a Husband of 19 years, father of three boys, convert, Retreat Leader, Evangelist, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black-belt, has many years in professional Youth Ministry (both Catholic and Protestant), presently works full-time in Campus Ministry, and  teaches TheologyAll of these allows him to provide a fervent talk, retreat or event that your group will love!


"Alex, "Dr. G", is a powerful speaker who is used by God through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He speaks to the young church and meets them where they are at. We need men who live authentically and are not afraid to talk about Jesus and worship Him in the modern world. Dr. G's love for Christ radiates upon the young church. He is a conduit of grace!" - Angelica Gomez, Diocese of Trenton, NJ, Associate Director of Youth Ministry"

"Dr. G is one speaker that goes beyond a stage. He embraces the youth culture and shows them that it's possible to be relevant in the world around them but to also strive for holiness. In our Diocese we seen all participate, even those that normally don't engage, intrigued and participating. Dr. G's style connects with all and has a way of reaching out to those who may feel or been seen as outside the fold and make them feel welcome." - Courtney Walker,  Diocese of Laredo, Associate Director of Youth Ministry

“I have worked with many of the top Catholic evangelists and speakers of our day. What makes Alex unique is that he not only has an amazing grasp of the Catholic faith but, heal also is incredibly approachable and truly desires to impact the lives of all those whom the Lord places in his path. In my experience, that is one of the most important ingredients to effective evangelization. I am excited to see the Lord give Alex opportunities and cannot wait to witness what He will accomplish through the life of Alex Gotay!” - Joe McLane, Director of Mission Development for the Guadalupe Radio Network, Evangelist, Speaker, and Author

“Alex is a perfect choice for repackaging the Catholic intellectual patrimony in a passionate and engaging way that speaks directly to today’s highly distracted young generation.” -  Dr. Scott M. Sullivan, Ph.D., President and CEO of Classical Theist Productions

“(Alex) has exhibited the rare gift of realizing how to popularize the truths of the great thinkers throughout the centuries in a mode that can reach into the hearts of our youth, so tempted to lose their faith surrounded by our worldly culture.” - Dr. Ronda Chervin, Ph.D., Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Education & Certifications:

Alex holds a Doctorate in Ministry, a Master's degree in Theological Studies, another Master's Degree in Philosophy, graduate hours towards another Master's Degree in Counseling, graduate hours towards a Graduate Certificate in OT Biblical Theology, and a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Child Psychology. He holds certifications in both Adult and Youth Ministry, an official Catechist for the Archdiocese, and 18+ years of experience with teens and young adults working in various Youth Ministries (both Protestant and Catholic).

Talk Subjects & Topics, Retreats, Workshops:

Because of Dr. Alex Gotay's (Dr. G's) education, childhood, work experience, life experience, humor, etc he can and does speak on a variety of topics to a variety of parishes , schools and events.  He combines the Sacred Scriptures, humor, stories, , philosophy, teen and young adult culture, etc all into his talks.  He can and does speak on ALL topics to all groups. ​​

He prepares talks appropriate to the audience he is speaking too- Conversion, teen pressure, keeping your faith, the Catholic journey in life, influences, pressure, etc. are a few examples!  Below are a few examples, but not limited too, of such.  Dr. G can tailor any talk to any subject...

Me, My Selfie and I: Gen 1:26-27 - Image is important in the American culture, especially with young people.  This talk challenges our "image" and shows how our "Image"is to reflect the one who made us. 

Mama Mary / Dear Mama, Your Strength:    Mary has more strength than  what we see at first, this is opposite from most of the pictures we see of her.  Explore the love and strength of Mary in a way that helps all young people gain new insight to the strength of her and how she "fights" for all of us, especially her children!

Pressure: Daniel 3-Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were young men who knew the power of culture affecting their lives.  Young people will both laugh and be challenged with the pressures of the culture, friends they hold and how in the "fire" is where God is with us! 

Jesus friends of Sinners/Ratchet to Righteous: John 8:1-11- We all want to be "great" here young people will be challenged by what "greatness" really means, how we each sometimes fall short but how Jesus bends down and "meets us where we are at"   

Sainthood is a Mandate: Gen 2:7; 2 Timothy 1:6;   Found out what it is to be made from the ground with God's breath and we each are a gift to the world, this is our call non-sacramental call to holiness.   

Being Brave: David vs.Goliath 1 Samuel 16-17- The story of David and Goliath teaches young people, especially young men, in spite of what people say or look like, we are called to "battle" against our own "Goliath's" to go into the "promise land."  

He Broke the Mold!: Genesis 1&2/ Ephesians 2 (Theology of the Body)- Creation is art and all Creation is done by God, even mankind.  Young people each are unique and call to cultivate their own gifts in their lives, this is living according to God's plan beyond the Sacraments of Vocations.  Each life is different, grounded in the Sacraments and God's love and mercy, and are called to make this world "heaven on earth" by being a saint!

Dr. Gotay has many more talks prepared and prepares talks appropriate to the audience he is speaking too! 

Do not hesitate to ask for something else not listed!


Dr. Alex Gotay has led, spoke at and help plan hundreds of retreats  at schools, retreat centers, parishes, etc. throughout the US. He would be happy to do one or all listed below.   

  • Helps plans and execute retreat if needed
  • Games and Ice Breakers
  • Pedagogical Activities
  • Keynote
  • Provides audio and visual media if needed (music, screen, DJ)
  • Provides environment if needed (lights, candles, etc.)
  • Break out sessions for Teens
  • Break out sessions for Adults
  • etc.  ​

Please feel free to contact him for you event!

Breakout Sessions:

(sessions not limited to what is listed) 

-Manhood in Today's Culture: Young Men are constantly challenged on what it means to be a man in today's culture.  This session focuses on what is manhood and how to live it out in today's world.  

-The "Fight": BJJ and Spiritual Development: Just like anything in life, our spiritual lives need a goal and plan to get there.  This session ties, with a demonstration, the Martial Art Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to our Christian Spiritual growth. 

-Faith and Music: What's in the background?: Today's American Culture is filled with different types of music for all occasions. From malls to the dentist office, music is in the background.  This session focuses on the " truth, good, and beautiful" ( the transcendental's ) in the modern American Culture and how they affect our journey.  

-"Image" is Everything: Fashion and Faith: In the American Culture,  what we wear states a lot about the person (a suit, gym shorts, etc.)  With the transcendental's as the foundation (truth, good and beauty) , Theology of the Body, and being "made in God's image" (Gen 1:26), this session focuses on how be intentional on what one wears and the challenge each to grow  

 Youth Ministry Workshops:

Dr. Alex Gotay, has developed several workshops to help facilitate bringing American Teen Culture to ALL youth ministries in the nation.  He has done Parent workshops, Retreat Workshops,  Youth Ministry workshops at the parish and seminary,  Evangelization workshops for National Television Network, etc.   He is multi-faceted and can develop all aspects of youth ministry workshops!

-Eucharistic Worldview: Views: Learn how important your “worldview” is and how it affects your ministry. Learn the four verbs of the “Eucharistic Worldview” (taken, broken, blessed, given), and how they each apply practically to your life and ministry.   

-Being Inclusive & Multicultural: Engaging the American Teen: This workshop focuses on what American Teen Culture is and how to engage it from an authentically inclusive multicultural perspective.

 -Creating a Dynamic Space: The Sandlot: This workshop focuses on the value of the space each “meeting” takes place in, structure of the event and how each is key in the “theo-drama” allowing those who participate to “awaken the mystery” while still being inclusive and multicultural. 

-Delivering a Dynamic Message: The Message: The goal of this workshop is to engage all in attendance artiscally while focusing on the different types of learning styles in a multicultural and intercultural manner.

 -Saints for the American Culture: IconicBecause America is a new, ever changing and one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world, the expression of sainthood should properly reflect a vision of holiness applicable to modern American culture. This workshop will help acquire the steps for engaging modern American culture, using Mary as the precedent, by providing practical steps for a foundation for those in attendance.

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