Dominick Albano

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Dominick Albano

Travels from Covington, Kentucky

Dominick Albano has been giving talks and leading retreats since his powerful conversion at the age of sixteen. Dominick is passionate about helping the lost meet Jesus, helping engaged Catholics recharge spiritually, and teaching faith habits to form missionary disciples. His youthful energy, passion for the faith, and witty sense of humor help him connect with audiences and build the bridge to life-changing events. 

Dominick is a young family man, but God’s gift of an entrepreneurial spirit lead him to found a parish renewal ministry in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee at just 26 years old. He served as Executive Director for the ministry that is thriving to this day. Soon after, Matthew Kelly invited Dominick to join his team as a writer and speaker for Dynamic Catholic. He has been a featured speaker for Dynamic Catholic’s Best Lent Ever and Best Advent Ever programs, viewed by hundreds of thousands of people every year, and he co-wrote and presented for Dynamic Catholic’s marriage preparation program, Better Together. 

Dominick lives in the Cincinnati area with his high school sweetheart and their four young sons. His daily work includes parish consulting, producing content for his blog and podcast, and speaking across the country at parish missions, conferences, and schools. When he isn’t working in ministry, Dominick can be found coaching his son’s baseball team. 

Some of Dominick's most popular talks include: 

A powerful exploration into what God has planned for you and your life. 
St. Joseph. God chose him to raise Jesus. And yet, the Bible tells us so little about him. In fact, the Bible doesn’t even record him ever saying a word. What made God choose him? What would you do if God chose you to raise his son?

Truth is, God has chosen you. Knowing His mission and fulfilling it is your purpose in this life. At St. Michael Parish’s Men’s morning of reflection, we will explore what it means to be called by God, how we can respond to that call, and what characteristics of St. Joseph made him the perfect man to raise God’s son.

The Fundamental Theory of Happiness
Based on Dominick's book by the same title, this talk explores five fundamental truth's about happiness. Everyone wants to be happy, and we do everything because we think it will lead us to happiness. But, still, everyone struggles with what it means to be happy and where to find happiness. One of the great secrets to a fulfilled life is understanding God's plan for your happiness and how you can live more according to His plan!

Good News-ization
How do you bring the people you love closer to God? How do you share the faith with the people closest to you? What is evangelization anyways!? I thought only protestants do that! In this funny and heartfelt talk, Dominick will help you understand Jesus' call for us to spread the good news and give you the practical tools to share that good news with others. 

With you, Love you, Choose you
A true story of how to save a life
Based on Dominick's powerful personal testimony, this talk explores the lies that you have been told about who you are, what you are meant to do with your life, and what God has to say about it. It will help you uncover the things that hold you back from truly experiencing God's love, and give you the tools to allow God to speak truth into your life. 

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