Dick and Martha Lyles

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Travels from Poway, California

As co-authors of ANSWER YOUR CALL: RECLAIM GOD'S PURPOSE FOR FAITH, FAMILY AND WORK, Dick and Martha have positioned themselves at the forefront of the New Evangelization. Through this book and through Dick's efforts as host of THE CATHOLIC BUSINESS HOUR every Saturday morning and evening on EWTN's global Catholic Radio Network and Martha's inspirational columns on the religion page of The Huffington Post, they have touched millions of people in a spiritually uplifting way.

As CEO of Origin Entertainment in Hollywood, Dick is also working tirelessly to bring heroic stories of the good, the true and the beautiful to the big screen. He is a producer of COSMIC ORIGINS for Father Robert Spitzer and the Magis Institute, a co-executive producer of MARY, MOTHER OF THE CHRIST which is the prequel to Mel Gibson's PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and is currently involved in half a dozen other inspirational movie projects. Either individually or together Martha and Dick inspire audiences with their message of renewal and optimism. They promise to touch your heart, introduce ou to new ideas and inspire you to bring positive changes to your life and the world around you.

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