Denise Bossert

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Denise Bossert Catholic Speaker Convert Marian Theologian New Evangelization Catholic Speakers
Denise Bossert Catholic Speaker Convert Marian Theologian New Evangelization Catholic Speakers
Denise Bossert Catholic Speaker Convert Marian Theologian New Evangelization Catholic Speakers
Denise Bossert Catholic Speaker Convert Marian Theologian New Evangelization Catholic Speakers
Denise Bossert Catholic Speaker Convert Marian Theologian New Evangelization Catholic Speakers
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Travels from El Dorado, Arkansas

Denise is the daughter of a Protestant minister. In 2005, she converted to Catholicism after reading books by Carmelite saints. Her syndicated column called Catholic by Grace has been published in 63 diocesan newspapers, written for Catholic magazines and appeared on EWTN’s Journey Home, Women of Grace and At Home With Jim & Joy. 

In 2014 she traveled to Israel with the Catholic Press Association as a guest of Israel Tourism. She is a professional travel/pilgrimage writer and worked as the Catholic Liaison & Director of Public Relations for Israel Ministry of Tourism from 2015-2016. She travels every year to the Holy Land and is an expert on Biblical sites of Salvation History. Ave Maria Press released her first book - Gifts of the Visitation - which is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Denise is a nationally-recognized Catholic speaker on topics that include: Conversion, the Immaculate Conception, the Visitation, Women of Salvation History, and Pro-Life Issues. She has been the keynote speaker to sold-out conferences (1200+ attendees) as well as the guest speaker for parish missions, Advent events, and Lenten evenings of reflection.

Speaking Topics:

• Conversion Story: From Preacher’s Daughter to Roman Catholic Writer: Dad was a Protestant pastor. I had no plans to enter the Catholic Church. Then, Dad became ill and passed away after a season of intense suffering. As I stood in that hospital room – his body so close, his soul so far away – I sensed something sacred. I had not experienced a brush with the sacred on this level - perhaps ever. That may sound strange, coming from a preacher’s kid. I was also the ex-wife of a Protestant minister! But it was the beginning of a full conversion, and God had my attention. He also had something incredible in store for me. I would inherit my father’s personal library, and within six months of his death, I would discover the writings of St. Augustine, St. John of the Cross, and St. Teresa of Avila. On August 14, 2005, I entered the Church with St. Teresa as my Confirmation saint. Three months before that, I sent an article to The St. Louis Review. My column “Catholic by Grace” has been published in 59 diocesan newspapers, and my first book will be released by Ave Maria Press in 2014.

• The New Evangelization via Mary & Elizabeth: The best evangelizer the world has ever known is Mary. She received Christ – and then she did what every evangelizer must do. She shared Him with others. Mary reveals to us something profoundly amazing. We are the best evangelizers to those we love. We really can bring them home to Mother Church. If we are willing to learn from the Blessed Mother – embracing the very charisms she displayed at The Visitation – our lives will be changed and so will the lives of those we love. My family is living proof of this. I entered the Church in 2005. Since then, my husband, two daughters, and three grandsons have all entered the Church. Now, they are assisting others in the journey home.

• The Immaculate Conception & A Mother With Impeccable Timing: The single, greatest obstacle to my conversion was the Immaculate Conception. I didn’t believe. And then . . . I did. In December of 2004, I announced to my RCIA instructor that I could not accept that Mary was conceived without sin. I couldn’t imagine ever overcoming that doubt. The instructor suggested I go home and place a petition before Mary to show me who she is. I did. It was an almost impossible petition. Within 24 hours, Mary answered that petition to the letter – literally. Through a letter!

• Apologetics for Everyone: Discover the Apologetics basics and be inspired by convert and theology teacher, Denise Bossert. She brings the energy and enthusiasm that is so winsome in senior-level apologetics classes to large groups eager to learn how to defend the Faith they so dearly love. Learn the elements of the Hotseat and Red Rover. Enjoy stories of how young people have gone from knowing their Faith (the What) to defending their Faith (the How) in ways that ignite the new generation with a joy that cannot be contained. Find out why Denise increased her speaking and work schedule so dramatically in order to include teaching high school Apologetics and what that has to do with the Power of Spiritual Multiplication.

• Pro-Life for Life - A Child Conceived in Rape: The story is all about grace, a yes given after the conception-in-rape, a Mother(BVM) who gave her "Yes" for all of us and opened the door to my healing. I gave birth to my daughter in 1987. Today, that daughter has five sons of her own. She is married and each of those little boys is learning to genuflect and talking about what their vocations might be. Joseph. Omry. Levi. Asher. And baby Eli. My daughter and I have a mother-daughter bond that is the gift in the chaos. Our Lord redeems all things. Every woman who conceives a child in rape deserves the joy of knowing who that child will be and the woman she will become. Today, I praise God for the gift in the chaos. I was raped, repeatedly. I conceived. It has led me to such joy. Sure, there was heartache and hurt, sin and sorrow, but the journey went right through the Cross and straight to Easter morning. I have discovered the joy of being pro-life for life.

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