Denis Greene

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Denis Greene Catholic Speaker
Denis Greene Catholic Speaker

Travels from Kansas City, Missouri

Denis Greene, Survivor of Five Miracles = Stewardship Evangelist. Denis Greene lives a life committed to stewardship as the result of experiencing five miracles: (1) A gun to my head in an Angolan war zone. (2) Riding a wheelie on a motorcycle through a pack of baboons. (3) Witness in a murder trial. (4) Meeting the woman of my dreams (my wife) 22 years after I saved her life. (5) My 10 year old daughter’s errant cartwheel saved my life.


  • Post-graduate research published in the International Journal of Innovation Education and Research
  • 30 year career as a stewardship professional within the Diocese of Kansas City for the Church Development Foundation
  • Former State Department foreign service worker (not CIA) in Kinshasa Zaire
  • Founder of an import/export business in South Africa
  • Speaker/workshop leader at over 500 events
  • Author of the book “The Stewardship System: How to grow generosity of time, talent and treasure in your church without fundraising.”
  • As part of his cancer recovery he learned how to do stand up comedy to appreciate the humor in daily life.

Talk Titles:

  • Five God Moments: what it is like to personally experience five miracles - from a war zone to cancer. How a business-man unwittingly became an evangelist for stewardship. Each of the five miracles caused another scale to fall from the eyes of an imperfect sinner, giving him insight into his own weaknesses and his relationship with God. An unabashed fan of being Catholic, the sacraments were a crucial part of his spiritual survival. After a near death experience he quit his import business in Zaire and moved back to the US to find a way to serve the church. The listener will come away with a sense of awe about the real impact of God on one person’s life, with life lessons for all of us.
  • The Stewardship System: how to increase generosity without fundraising. 30 years of research and case studies are packed into a 200 page book and one hour speech. Each point is illustrated with stories: face to face with a silverback gorilla, meeting the princess of the diamond mines, wilderness survival at -10 below zero, lightning on a mountain top, alligator wrestling, being in the cave jail cell where St. Paul was imprisoned in Greece. The listener will come away with seven specific strategies for increasing generosity in their parish.  

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