Deacon Larry Oney


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Deacon Larry Oney
Deacon Larry Oney Catholic Speaker

Travels from New Orleans, Louisiana

Deacon Larry Oney is president of Hope and Purpose Ministries, a Catholic ministry involved in the New Evangelization through excellent media initiatives. Some of Deacon Oney's teaching topics include:  Our Divine Mission, Spiritual Warfare, Hope and Purpose, Christian Perspectives in Business, Christian Family Life, Angels, and Faith.

Deacon Larry Oney is an ordained Catholic Deacon for the Archdiocese of New Orleans and president of Hope and Purpose Ministries. Deacon Oney is known for his warm, animated, and compassionate speech. He has spoken globally, with missions to Canada, Uganda, Brazil, and other countries, as well as teaching and preaching throughout the United States of America. Deacon Oney has appeared on EWTN on The Choices We Face with Ralph Martin, EWTN’s Women of Grace with Johnnette Benkovic, Crossing the Goal with Danny Abramowicz on EWTN, Franciscan Radio, Ava Maria Radio, and FOCUS TV. He leverages humor, joy, Scripture, love, and personal insight to speak to people’s hearts and to encourage them to live a Spirit-filled life. Deacon Oney is also the author of three books: Amazing Grace Overcoming Race, Reflections on the Kingdom of God, and UP FAITH! God loves a faith that is always looking up!

Amazing Grace Overcoming Race is not just an autobiography of Larry Oney’s life so far; rather it is his inspiring testimony to the power of God’s love and grace in his life. Deacon Oney shares his struggles of growing up as a sharecropper’s son, his growing awareness of structural-racism, and God’s grace throughout his life. His inspiring story calls us all to be more open to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives! Despite obstacles encountered throughout his life, Deacon Oney has flourished. He infuses positivity and inspiration into his ministry and sermons at the Saint Louis King of France Cathedral in New Orleans’ historic French Quarter. Through his global missionary work, he has encouraged the hopes of men and women around the world. His strong faith and love for others have also helped steer his successful business career.

In addition to Deacon Oney’s ministry work, he is also the Chairman and CEO of one of the largest African American owned firms in the country, HGI Global, a third party administration and project management firm with over 300 employees, headquartered in New Orleans, LA. Deacon Oney is actively involved in his community serving on the Board of Regents for Our Lady of Holy Cross College and as a member of the steering committee of the Southern Regional Conference. He also serves on the U.S. Board of Directors of Renewal Ministries and is a member of the New Orleans Chapter of Legatus. Deacon Oney is currently serving on the Synod Leadership Team for the Ninth General Synod of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Deacon Oney felt called to begin Hope and Purpose Ministries to meet the needs of a changing world with the New Evangelization. Hope and Purpose Ministries was created to teach, mentor, and inspire people through the creation, publication, and distribution of Scripturally-sound, Catholic materials in all forms of media, for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God through evangelization, catechesis, and education. Furthermore, at Hope and Purpose Ministries, Deacon Oney works to grow the Kingdom of God with person-to-person witnessing, teaching, and mentoring through prayer opportunities, conferences, retreats, missions, and other speaking engagements. We are building Hope and Purpose Ministries based on three Scriptural pillars: Proclaiming the Kingdom of God is at hand (Matthew 10:7), Healing the broken-hearted (John 10:10b), and imparting hope and purpose (Jeremiah 29:11-14).

Below are several samples of Deacon Larry Oney's teaching topics:

Hope and Purpose – The Divine Mission Series
Hope and purpose are essential ingredients for living satisfying lives, achieving dreams, and embracing love—of self, one’s community, and God.  Deacon Oney teaches on the importance of discovering your Divine Purpose from God and moving into all that God has in store for you!  Scriptural examples are used to discuss key principles to finding and walking in your Your Divine Mission!

Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual warfare is a reality in today’s world.  Deacon Oney teaches using Biblical and Church Tradition foundations, about how the battle began, who the real Enemy is, and our part in the battle.  Christian offensive and defensive weapons are examined; as well as, the importance of tearing down enemy strongholds in our lives.  Deacon Oney clearly ends the discussion on who has already won the battle—Jesus. 

Healing the Broken Hearted 
One of Deacon Oney’s main missions is to speak to the hurting hearts around the world and to offer encouragement and hope.  While encouraging those he teaches, he also begins to teach on the importance of focusing on God’s blessings to us and how to not focus on the negative in the world.  By demonstrating how a change in our focus and thinking can lead to healing and a change of heart, Deacon Oney shares the wisdom he has gained through God’s grace and healing in his life!

Christian Family Life
It’s important to provide a place of peace for ourselves and our families in our homes, offices, cars, schools, and other areas.  Deacon Oney teaches on how to achieve this by strengthening our familial bonds, dealing with issues as they arise in the proper ways, protecting our spaces, and embracing our place as a child of God, a member of our family, and as a member of the wider Body of Christ. 

Christian Perspectives on Business
Not only is it possible to be successful in business while still upholding our Christian beliefs—it makes good business sense as well!  Deacon Oney reflects on how his faith has helped navigate him through more than 30 years in the business world, and teaches about how solid Biblical principles have helped him find success in business.  Strong leadership skills, a healthy view of business, and putting God first are explored in this motivational teaching!

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