Dawn Kinsman

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Dawn Kinsman
Dawn Kinsman

Travels from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dawn Kinsman’s much anticipated new release, “You Love Me” is a launch back into full time ministry.  At the helm is Mike Dresch of Cathouse Productions coupled with three time Grammy Award winning producer, Joe Hogue of Hitplay Productions in Los Angeles, California.

This unassuming stay-at-home wife and mother was moved into a global ministry in support of the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus through her limited edition EP, “True Presence,” in 2000.  This endeavor propelled Dawn across the United States and Canada, including performances before television viewing audiences of more than 60 million worldwide, and appearances at several World Youth Day events.  

With the joyful birth of their youngest child in 2003, Dawn took a hiatus to assist her youth minister husband and be home with their five sons.  Still managing to take part in a wide range of events in ensuing years, Dawn has remained actively involved in ministry and music. 

Current venue audiences range from middle school teens, high school youth, university students, career-minded adults, and retirees.  Dawn’s youthful energy and humor appeal to audiences of every age.  Types of events Dawn participates in also range broadly - from intimate, unplugged concerts to leading worship with a band in arena venues.  Dawn is a gifted communicator who speaks on a variety of topics in workshop settings as well as in larger symposiums.  Concert and conference attenders often remark on how deeply they appreciate Dawn’s ability to be genuine, sincere and transparent.  Her unique ability to communicate openly and honestly endears her to her audiences.  Event promoters are grateful for Dawn’s humble, cooperative spirit.  Dawn moves in peacefulness and confidence, and has an ability to be flexible and focused in any situation. It is clear that she chooses to be involved in ministry with people and for people, and ALL for the glory of God!

Above all, Dawn witnesses to the truth that each of us possesses gifts that are so necessary in the Kingdom of God.  She is an inspiration for others to courageously live their callings and passionately follow Christ.

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