David C. Wilder

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David Wilder CatholicSpeakers.com Catholic Speaker Apologetics Business Corporate Speaker Motivational Speaker
David Wilder CatholicSpeakers.com Catholic Speaker Apologetics Business Corporate Speaker Motivational Speaker
David Wilder CatholicSpeakers.com Catholic Speaker Apologetics Business Corporate Speaker Motivational Speaker

Travels from Syracuse, New York

David C. Wilder is the former Managing Director of Lumen Institute Inc. (Manhattan, NY), an international organization providing highly personalized formation for business executives and cultural leaders in character, faith andleadership. David oversaw the planning and implementation of Lumen's national and international expansion. David is a graduate of Syracuse University where he studied at the renowned Maxwell School for the advancement of citizenship, scholarship and leadership. He has degrees in political science and business administration. Prior to joining Lumen in 2003, David worked as a sales executive within the transportation and pneumatic conveying industries.

David has been a featured speaker at numerous catechetical and evangelization conferences. David is the former director of the John Paul II Family Faith Center, a multi-media apostolate of Catholic apologetics and evangelization. David taught high school catechetics and epistemology at Tyburn Academy in Auburn, NY, a college preparatory institution providing character and faith formation within the Catholic Tradition. He is the former the Co-Director of the RCIA Program at Our Lady of the Lake Parish (Sparta, NJ) and training consultant to SportsLeader, ConQuest Boys Clubs, and Three to Get Married Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation within the Archdiocese of New York.

David specializes in high-impact, bridge-building evangelization, apologetics, and parenting techniques that use logic, humor and the art of example to drive the methods of Catholic persuasion. His techniques are highly practical, meant for all audiences, and have proven to produce clear, convincing, charitable results in any setting - from the board room, golf course and family reunion .to the CCD class, around the dining room table or the inevitable airplane conversation. David and his wife Terri have been married for 34 years and have five grown children and nine grandchildren. They make their home in the Finger lakes of New York.

His talks include:

. The Top Ten Reasons People Leave the Catholic Church - and they're not what you think! 
. How Do We Know We Know? - Epistemology for Dummies 101 (aka Facts for Good Ol' Folks)
. Raising Adults, Not Children - The Principles of Successful, High Impact Parenting 
. Catechist, Therefore Apologist - Taking Catechesis from Christian Devotion to Confident Discipleship 
. Attract - Form - Mobilize - The Beginning of Benedict and the End of Rocking Chair Catholicism 
. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - Our Lady of Guadalupe.Center to Circumference 
. Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Real Presence: The Historical, Biblical and (therefore) Believable Eucharist

Testimonials & Endorsements:

"David's recent presentation spoke to the heart of the Legatus experience. His conciseness, levity and love of the audience created a natural and stimulating learning environment for our group. And the clarity he provided to the many burning questions we all have about our faith: where is it headed? how do we strengthen ourselves?  left us refreshed and motivated to continue our roles as ambassadors. Most appreciatively, his wisdom and insights he joyfully shared with all in the room, and stayed well after to be sure all who had questions could ask them. He is a gift to the Church". - Michael Pyle / Great Lakes Region Director - Legatus

"The late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen used to say that a test of any man's knowledge is whether or not he is able to give an example of what he is talking about. With this foundational criterion, David Wilder would be considered a very wise man. The experiences afforded him along his path of sales, education, apologetics, executive coaching and family life have filled his reservoir with meaningful illustrations and timely anecdotes that he uses seamlessly in drawing minds and hearts closer to the Faith. He loves Christ and it's illustrated in his love of Truth." - Peter Kreeft, PhD / Professor of Philosophy, Boston College; popular Christian apologist and author of over 50 titles including Back to Virtue and The Handbook of Christian Apologetics.

"David Wilder is very bright, has a sharp wit, great insight and deep faith. All of this, and more, comes across with his excellent speaking skills." - William J. Bennett - Former U.S. Secretary of Education; Radio Host of Bennett Morning in America

"Character and competence are the keys to effective leadership, and David gets the job done. From his community and church involvement to his ability to motivate and influence others, David walks the talk, creating a high trust culture and lasting relationships in the process. As a friend, I admire his dedication to causes beyond himself. As a colleague, I extend my trust to him abundantly." - Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The New York Times bestseller The Speed of Trust.

"David Wilder sets a standard for excellence in Catholic thought and presentation that all speakers should be measured by. If you are looking for a speaker that is always well-prepared, knows his audience, offers practical tools for improvement and will provide your group with something more than the typical 'one time pump', then your search is over." - Rick Santorum / Former U.S. Senator (PA) / Candidate for US Presidency / Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center - Washington DC

"David has a unique gift for helping individuals and organizations attract, form and mobilize people to find and fulfill their God- given mission. His ideas and proven strategies work and that is why he has had so much success." - Sean Wolfington / Entrepreneur / Owner of The Wolfington Companies / Co-owner of Metanoia Films / Producer of BELLA

"David Wilder recently gave a sales presentation to a group of our employees and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. His presentation was extremely professional and spoke to all of the technical/instructional elements that we had wanted him to deliver, but it was what he did beyond that which made the biggest impact. With every instructional point he made, he took it and put it into a Catholic perspective. Using real world examples he showed us how we can practically go out and handle the difficult situations we encounter everyday in our work, without ever compromising our Catholic principles. His superb knowledge of Catholic theology and philosophy was clearly evident in his talk and he presented everything in a way which was very easy to understand and VERY entertaining. Though he spoke to us in a professional business setting, I immediately thought of several other groups outside of work that I'd love for him to come and address also. Given the breadth of his knowledge and his ability to communicate and entertain, I'm sure he will be fantastic in front of any audience." - D'Arcy Wills Former National Director SportsLeader

"Most speakers are brought in to act like an alarm clock to wake up the Catholic indifferent. David Wilder is more like a cannon blast! He has an extraordinary ability to take a group's fundamental message, whether it is aimed at men, women, youth, clergy, athletes, and craft a presentation or a workshop that clears away the fog stymieing organizational progress and meets their needs in a natural way. He leaves people saying, 'He was speaking to me' and that's what a good communicator needs to accomplish. David claims to be able to do it.and he actually pulls it off." - Luanne Zurlo, Executive Director - World Education and Development Fund

"David Wilder has an uncanny ability to engage an audience and explain truths of his faith is a way that the audience understands. You didn't realize there was a link between the Yankees weak bullpen and the role of the Sacraments in your spiritual life? David will explain it to you. Did you ever think a rocking chair had Catholic implications? David makes it perfectly clear. His role at the Lumen Institute gives him great first-hand access to many concrete scenarios in which the application of the Social Teaching of the Church has been useful to solve business problems, for the good of a company and of society as a whole. He has special access and insight into the inner workings of the Church that make him an all-around speaker." Dr. Edward Mulholland - Benedictine College KS

"My path crossed David's back in 1991 and I'm glad it did! He has worked hard and well for many years in the field of Catholic outreach to our society. His impassioned efforts, large and small, to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truths of the Catholic Faith are bearing good fruit in the hearts and minds of those with whom he comes in contact, both personally and professionally. He gets results. I am pleased to recommend him as a fellow co-worker of the truth in the vineyard of The Lord." - Patrick Madrid ; Catholic author and apologist

"I am pleased to offer this recommendation for David Wilder. David is blessed to possess a keen ability to communicate solid doctrine, "hot issue"
subject matter, and Church teachings with a refreshing balance of empathy, humor and intellect. During my years of working with Mr. Wilder, I have witnessed his ability to adapt to the audience he is addressing with true professionalism. He speaks with his audience not at them. I wish that I could have had fifty David Wilders training our young adults around the country" - Paul T. Bernetsky; Former Executive Director, Youth for the Third Millennium (YTM)

"In organizing /Theology on Tap/ here in New York, I come across a host of talented speakers. Hands down, the finest we've been blessed to have presented is David Wilder. His talk The Top Ten Reasons People Leave the Catholic Church was flawlessly executed, received rave reviews and was by far the topic that achieved the most audience participation. His preparation
is evident; his approach is riveting and the results he's quick to credit Our Lord. If I could secure only one speaker to come back year after year (with the high expectation that we could be presented with something new, fresh and highly impactful each and every time) it would be David Wilder." - Juan Rodriguez / Defenders of the Holy Trinity - St. Mary's Church NYC

"I still remember the first talk I heard from David Wilder years ago, and I've had the pleasure of hearing him several times since. He's the kind of speaker who puts bracing insights, genuine humor and a dynamic presentation at the service of the Church. But more than simply giving a good speech, his life's work backs up his words and gives his message the power that comes only from authenticity of witness." - Tom Hoopes, Former Executive Editor of the National Catholic Register

"Since there are only so many hours in a day to organize an event well and equally limited opportunities to gather and impact your group, it is imperative to secure the best formators and influencers you can get the first time around. In my judgment, you cannot go wrong with David Wilder. He gets down to the 'brick & mortar' of how to build successful, practical solutions to today's vexing challenges in Catholic evangelization, parenting and overall discipleship. If your organization is still feeling the costs of doing something poorly (even one time) and sense your next offering needs to unfailingly capture (or recapture) audience interest and support, then lock-in David. You'll be glad you did." - Jennifer Miller [Executive Director, Bioethics International]

"David Wilder has been a key speaker at our popular Three to Get Married Marriage Preparation program for a number of years, directing workshops on parenting and managing household finances with young couples. His style is engaging, highly interactive and personal. His conferences and workshops are consistently among the highest rated by the couples in the evaluations we do each time. He is an indispensable asset to our program." - Fr. Richard Gill, Former Director of Our Lady of Mt. Kisco Retreat Center, Mt. Kisco, NY

"There is no one better than David Wilder who can scale his message of Faith and Truth to a group of young boys up to a room full of successful leaders. The gentle delivery of his message is inviting and leaves the listener wanting to hear more. I have watched David pummel difficult subjects into terms that all can understand during our Apologetics series. As a friend he has demonstrated only the highest degree of loyalty and integrity, one that I and my family have grown to count on. No matter how challenging a situation David may find himself in, it would be inconceivable for that opportunity to pass without all his best efforts to extinguish the problem at hand. I am honored to be considered his friend." - Christopher Madrid; Sales Executive, SumTotal

"I have had the pleasure of speaking alongside David at the Catholic Catechetical Institute in Peoria at Bradley University. A phenomenal mind and voice for the Church! He has distinguished himself in many capacities of leadership in evangelization and apologetics, as his vitae clearly reveals. I have long been impressed with his burning zeal for our Lord in his Church.
He will greatly enhance the power of the CMG's outreach." - Fr. Ray Ryland - Adjunct Professor - University of Steubenville; Former Chaplain; Catholic Answers - San Diego, CA.

"Contagious enthusiasm. Deep knowledge of the human heart. Tested integrity. Swashbuckling commitment to Christ and the Church. Hard-earned experience when it comes to making the treasure of our faith relevant and inspiring to Catholics battling secularism in the work place. These are the qualities that come to mind when I think about David Wilder, who I am glad to count as a personal ally in the culture wars." - Fr. John Bartunek, author of The Better Part

"I just learned that CMG has landed David Wilder's commitment for speaking services. I feel compelled to let all CMG customers know "Your ship has come in [in the words of former VP Dick Cheney] BIG TIME!]. He's one of just a handful of people on the speaking circuit I'd hate to have to talk after. He sets the bar very high for rhetorical competence and 'take home' value. Please let your other speakers know that if they find themselves scheduling talks at the same conference as David to do themselves a favor - take the earlier slot. He's real good, and a tough act to follow." - Art Bennett - author of The Temperament God Gave You.

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