David Shellenberger

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Travels from Downington, Pennsylvania

David Shellenberger stands at the forefront of healthcare and behavioral wellness as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Saint John Vianney Center (SJVC). Founded in 1946, SJVC is the longest-running, internationally renowned, and premier behavioral health facility in North America for Clergy and Religious. David is an inspiring and insightful speaker renowned for his ability to balance deep healthcare expertise with humor and compassionate storytelling, blending health and wellness with the spirituality of mind, body, and spirit.

Background and Experience

David Shellenberger brings over 25 years of administrative experience in healthcare, including impactful roles at Beaumont at Bryn Mawr and HCR Manor Care. An alumnus of York College of Pennsylvania, David holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a licensed Registered Nurse in Pennsylvania. His blend of practical and theoretical knowledge positions him as a uniquely qualified speaker, well-versed in the complexities of faith, healthcare, management, and mental wellness. His expertise extends to offering preventative health and awareness workshops for Catholic Clergy and Religious Communities nationwide, further showcasing his deep understanding of the stresses and pressures facing today’s Church Ministers.

A few sample topics include:

  • Challenges faced by Clergy and Men and Women Religious: A deep dive into the unique struggles faced by those with spiritual vocations.
  • How to Support Your Parish Priest: Empowering parishioners with strategies to support their spiritual leaders.
  • Holistic Health: Strategies for maintaining health in mind, body, and spirit.

“Our Legatus Chapter learned a great deal about the challenges our clergy and religious face today. David helped us understand why this is important and offered us practical ways for us to support our parish priests.”    

Ray Bishop, President, Lehigh Valley Chapter of Legatus

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