David Fortin

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Travels from Hartford, Connecticut

David Fortin considers himself The Henry David Thoreau of Catholicism. Learning and practicing his faith simply.

David Fortin is the host of the Podcast “Along The Way”. David can honestly say that in his life he has never felt like he was living the dream. But since his return back to the Catholic Church, following the dream has truly been a journey towards fulfilment and an adventure for a lifetime. He has come to know himself better, always seeking, knowing he will find deeper meaning to life’s mysteries. David is comfortable knowing that he is a simple man with a simple theology, a theology and spirituality based in Divine Mercy, and he is always looking to live his faith simply.

David has delivered talks at parish missions about what it means to be a Catholic man. For years he has been speaking at Knights of Columbus Councils on the topics of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. He has been a speaker for many weekend retreats on topics like "Simple Theology”, “Adoration" and the "Power of Prayer” but his favorite subject to talk about is forgiveness.

David understands how important your event is to you. You work so hard to put these together and he would love to be a part of your conference or parish mission and will work with your organizers to develop talks that fit time requirements and your theme. He knows that he is not the headline guy that will draw hundreds of people to your event. What he is, is someone that will develop and deliver a heartfelt message to your audience that will motivate them to seek a deeper relationship with our Blessed Lord. David is available for both in person and virtual engagements.

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